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Trying out the Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime

I was only aware of the title of this series and the fact that it’s a shonen anime/manga for about 3 years now. Despite knowing so little it’s a series that was mentioned a lot on the forums. So I planned to watch it at some point, but I already had so many shonen series on my plate that I just didn’t seem to have the energy to start another long running series. But then I hit an uncomfortable place in Detective Conan, I’m 200+ episodes in but I can’t find every episode I need subbed in the episode range I’m in. So I did a tearful hard stop on that series until I can sit down and figure out how I’m going to see every episode. But in the meantime…I finally started Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

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Toradora! Anime Review

Toradora is a series that I began watching as it was first airing in Japan, I enjoyed episode 1 and when I tried to watch episode 2 I couldn’t find it subbed decently. So I decided to wait until the whole series aired and watch it marathon style. Now 2 years later I’ve finally sat down and watched the whole thing! One thing I will say right up front is that the opening really grew on me, I liked it a lot. If I had been watching this series alone I would have watched the opening at each episode, but my viewing partner is the type that watches an opening once and never again unless it’s the Lucky Star opening. In which case it’s watched at least once a day on You Tube for the next two months after we’ve completed the show.

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Detective Conan Anime Review (Episodes 1-100)


Plot Summary
Shinichi is in high school and is already a renowned genuis detective. One day he takes his childhood friend (Ran) to the amusement park to celebrate her winning her Karate competition and a murder occurs on one of the rides. Shinichi solves the case in front of everyone but is suspicious of two men dressed in black with murderous eyes that also happened to be on the ride. Later he follows them and watches one of them involved in the middle of a dirty deal. However, the other man sneaks up from behind and knocks him out. Since they recognize him as the detective from before they attempt to dispose of him by giving him a new experimental poison that doesn’t leave any traces of the body. However, instead of dying Shinichi’s body is shrunk to the point where he looks like a kid. Shinichi plans to get close to those men and their organization so that he can get a sample of that poison to make an antidote. In order to do so he goes to live with Ran and her father disguised as a relative of one of their friends. Ran’s father is also a detective, and if Shinichi sticks close to him and improves his reputation there is a chance he may get a case that relates to those men and their organization. He has to keep his identity a secret because the organization will surely try to hunt him down and silence him.

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“There is no way this anime can go wrong!” – You jinxed it!


crossed fingers

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been absolutely thrilled with a series and thought “there is no way this can go wrong” and then it does…it goes very very wrong. You’d think by now I should know I’m heading for heartbreak because anime is such a fickle form or entertainment. Why is it fickle?

Warning…Soul Eater ANIME spoilers beyond this point!

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Series That Have Consumed Me


What are your anime and manga series that have completely consumed your attention and thoughts? When a series takes me over I can’t help but think of it at least several times a day. I’m the type that easily gets lost in my imagination so I can spend a long time thinking about lots of different scenarios in a series. Maybe even imagine myself as a badass character in that series if it’s a Shonen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure out what kind of a pirate I would be on One Piece! Although when you’re as weak as myself, it’s hard to even imagine yourself being of any use when in reality you need to use the leg of your pants just to open twistable beer/soda bottles! Oddly enough I never imagine myself as being part of any shoujo series I like, I’m romantic enough to thoroughly enjoy these series watching other people. But not nearly romantic enough to place myself in the heroine’s shoes, or even sneaking away with the heroine’s good looking leftover men.

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