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Happy 26th Birthday to Me!

Some context is needed for that video :) Konata and the gang were chatting in the classroom about how women are like Christmas Cakes, something about how “after 25 they become just a normal cake/leftovers”. Then poor Kuroi Sensei is shopping the day after Christmas and sees those cakes and rescues one :) And NOW it’s finally happened! I’m 16 and just a regular cake now too! I’m a year younger than Kuroi Sensei, but I see a lot of my habits/self in her minus her love of beer. I prefer wine myself :) Only Lucky Star can jab at my unmarried elderly status like that and get away with it! Normally I don’t blog about too many of my life milestones but I admit it’s getting harder not to think about how I’m so much older than the fictional characters I love watching go on adventures. I was 10 or 11 when I first started watching Sailor Moon and looking up at the teenage (14 year old) Sailor Senshi with wide eyed admiration at their beauty, battles, and love issues. The video below is Konata and her dad discussing Gundam series these days and then Konata starts talking about how surprising it is that she’s now older than some of the characters, it kinda feels like this for me. Just a few weeks ago I was watching Nadia (for the first time) and Grandis was flaunting herself in a swimsuit when Electra asked her to cover up. Her response was that she’s still in her 20’s? Because I feel like I’m seeing the story from the protagonists’ kids eyes I thought she was older than me too! So this is what a fictional character my age looks to the young ones hhhmmm…and no sooner had I thought this when Electra’s’s wise-ass remark was that she was on the wrong side of the 20’s! Hey!

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On Order: Arms, Mullets, Horror, and Cats

I went back and forth a lot on Strength (Good Smile Company), I LOVED the arms and her hood. I would have preferred a different pose though, all the rest of the BRS Animation figures seem ready to do a deadly attack! But Strength seems more like she’s (casually) trying to evade a hit. Basically Strength looks like she’s more-so on the receiving end on one of the other character’s attacks than actually attacking herself. But even though I say I’d prefer a different pose…I can’t think of an awesome aggressive pose that wouldn’t block Strength’s body from view…so perhaps GSC couldn’t overcome that dilemma either. I must admit I’m so fond of the character designs of Black Rock Shooter and have ordered so many figures from the series that I think I’m almost too scared to watch the series. If I don’t like the characters in the anime my love of the figures will diminish a bit :/ despite liking the character designs visually.

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On Order: Elsea, Catherine, Madoka, etc…

This past month I seem to have pre-ordered quite a few figures before I actually knew the characters. Only one of all of them was a character I knew from anime/manga before hitting that pre-order button! Above is Madoka (left) and Ryouko (right). I started Puella Magi Madoka Magica the day after I ordered her, and by episode 3 I was REALLY glad I did. But now I can’t stop imagining all the scaled figures I want from this series! I’ll be finishing off the last 3 episodes tonight and I can’t wait! Ryouko was a last minute order, she’s actually on her way to me right now via SAL. I just REALLY like her look, when owners started posting images of her I got envious. I read a little bit about her character and I liked what I saw about her personality too. I wouldn’t mind learning more about her as a character in the future.

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On Order: Witches, Weddings, and Wings


I was putting together my newly arrived GSC Hitagi when I asked my boyfriend for an opinion on why the office supplies weren’t looking quite like the picture. There was one accidental hand gesture on his part and I got to see her crash to the floor as all the pieces separated off the base. Do any of you make a pained shriek when you see one of your figures falling a few feet to the ground? Well apparantly that’s the noise I make in that situation, followed by an angry scolding. I admit that even though figures aren’t everything to me,  I’m definitely a momentary bitch when someone accidentally harms one. I wonder how many bofriends have to deal with a 1 minute rampage over breaking their girlfriend’s sexy female figure? Luckily my GSC Hitagi escaped relatively unharmed, one of the skinny pieces (a pointed pen?) on the office supplies half broke off. So we bent it back into place and applied some super glue. Also the stapler/pen on her skirt broke off, but that damage is really easy to fix and hide too. I’m really lucky that a figure with such small delicate parts didn’t break in more spots that would be harder to hide. Well anyway  on to my new orders! I didn’t really realize it until I was putting this post together, but I’ve pre-ordered A LOT since my last order post!

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Figures and Dreaming of a Beatrice Dollife

It’s that time of the year, where some lucky workers get a bit of extra income 😉 I’m doing some responsible (boring) things with my tax return and bonus. The tax return was enough to fix up the bathroom, and the bonus was to pay off the rest of my car and my credit card. BUT I decided what the heck, I’ll have a bit of fun too so I pre-ordered a few items I originally passed on. If you’re curious, last year my bonus treat was my set of Aria figures. When Saber/Rin were announced I liked their peaceful faces and their pricetag. I used to collect every Saber figure but I began really running out of space and decided to just leave my Saber collection at 3-4 figures of her in armor. But Aka made a good point, these ladies don’t look like they take up too much space if that’s what’s stopping me. As for Houmei I admitted I was on the fence on it when I decided against her, and it was nagging at me that I might regret passing on her. I realized I really want to see her in real life and not just in pictures. 

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