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Selling Some Figures

Cutting back on my collection size again, this time I think I’m going to scale back my collection quite a bit so it’s not so crowded. So I’m selling some more figures on eBay. I’ve posted pictures of the figures on this post, and to see all my auctions go to my eBay page here. I’m selling:

Hatake Kakashi Megahouse GEM Figure Naruto
Yoko Littner Kotobukiya 1/6 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure
Yomako Sensei Alter 1/8 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure Yoko Littner
Reiri and Riza Chrono Gate Princess Resurrection/Kaibutsu Oujo Figure
Kagami and Tsukasa Lucky Star Shrine Maiden Wave Figure
Corticarte Lagranges 1/8 Polyphonica Figure Good Smile

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Bat Girl (Kotobukiya)

Hhhhhmmm in my last review I mentioned I don’t buy many Kotobukiya figures…but here I am doing a review on another one! Perhaps I buy more Kotobukiya than I realize? I’m curious to now what figure manufacturer I buy the most from is. Well anyway I didn’t consider Bat Girl for pre-order because I’m cutting back on figures and felt that even though I like the Shunya Marvel/DC Comics Bishoujo line, the figures were too much money for the scale and quality. YET after I made this decision Bat Girl still snuck into my collection! I admit I have a particular weakness for Batman because of the Animated Series I watched growing up. I’m ESPECIALLY fond of all the girl characters. I loved episodes that had a female villains especially.

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Dark Magician Girl (Kotobukiya)

I actually don’t pre-order that many Kotobukiya figures these days (compared to in the past). Usually I end up passing on a Kotobukiya version of a character in favor of something from GSC, Alter, or Max Factory. I like their Shining line a lot, but lately I’m not confident that they’re worth the price tag in comparison to other figures. BUT every once in a while Kotobukiya makes a unique character selection for their figures and does such a good job on them that I can’t resist. The moment I saw Dark Magician go up for order I dropped her into my cart. I was more of a Pokemon/Digimon fan in junior high, but I watched a few episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh here and there too. To  be honest I REALLY disliked how the protagonist looked and didn’t understand his transformations. I would intermittently watch episodes, so I never had a great grasp of the plot. At some point I’d like to watch this series uncut/subbed to see what all the fuss was about.

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My ARIA Punit Collection

So I FINALLY completed my ARIA Punit collection from Megahouse! I picked up my last piece of the set (Alice) on eBay a week ago. It all started when Aika and Alicia went on sale at HLJ in February 2010. I had just finished up reading ARIA at that point and at $20 a piece I dropped them in my cart without hesitation. I didn’t get so lucky in price with Akari and Alice, they each cost me a little under $50 (which is about their retail price). But considering they were released in 2008 I guess I should count myself lucky that they weren’t more popular and thus more expensive in the secondary market. Although one of the reasons they weren’t so popular might be because they have a number of design flaws. I took many more pictures than what you see below, if you want to see more go to my Aria Punit album here.

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On Order: Sherlock Shellingford

I first took notice of this cutie yesterday on Kumo’s blog, my decision to order her was immediate. I love a good mystery/detective series, and this character has an adorable detective look. I absolutely want her on my shelf, perhaps I’ll put her next to my Revoltech Professor Layton? It’s rare that I buy a nendoroid without having played the video game/seen the anime they belong to, but Holmes here is one of the exceptions. She seems to be from a video game called Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, and it recently had an anime. Even though I’m ordering this figure I doubt I’ll watch the anime, usually I like my mysteries to be about murder more-so than stolen kittens. For a random update I started playing Persona 4…  
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