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Most Recent Haul + Other Updates

As I was unpacking and finding homes for the figures in the Built Up Haul Parts I and II, another haul built up. Maybe someday I’ll be up to date on my new goodies but it’s kind of more fun posting them all at once. Bottom to top, and left to right I have Animation Black Rock Shooter (GSC), Yukata Rei (Kotobukiya), Kakashi (Megahouse), Metis (Figma), Hetalia volume 2 (Kotobukiya), Luffy (Megahouse), Ace (Megahouse), Asuka (Alter), and Figuarts Luffy (Bandai). Almost all of these figures have found a nice place on my shelves. I’m just stuck on the best place to put my Hetalia figures. I also haven’t found a place for my Figuarts Luffy yet, why? Because I don’t really like how he looks, the outline of his lips makes it look like he has on lipstick. I believe this will be my last Figuarts figure. I guess my Boa Hancock Figuarts pre-order being cancelled was a blessing in disguise.

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Thoughts on Alter’s Houmei

Usually I don’t post about figures that were ALMOST a pre-order…but I’ve wrestled over getting this figure ever since I saw the unpainted model next to the fully colored sketch. I’m a HUGE fan of the character designs that Tony Taka does for the Shining series AND the thought of traditionally dressed Alter figures sends excited shivers down my spine. This figure has so many aspects that I worship that I’m still kind of in shock that I’m not getting her. But basically the issue is I saw her preview images and wanted to love her very much, but I can’t get over that pose. I’ve always enjoyed that Alter gives characters unique poses separate from any illustrations, but I really don’t like this one, it seems awkward. I see the pros of choosing such a pose though, her beautiful robes can flare in a certain way and look natural. This pose may also be true to the personality of this character, which would make it an appropriate choice. But at the same time the robes I adore so much don’t seem to be the focus of the figure as much as her exposed legs and the torrent of water between them. Read the rest of this entry »

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On Order: Dizzy (Alter)

I thought about this pre-order for a while…it’s a character I don’t really know…but those are some fascinating and wonderfully detailed wings. I love figures with wings a lot, and Alter has my favorite quality when it comes to figures. I researched Dizzy‘s character a bit and she has an interesting story. I think in the end my interest in her story is what allowed me to comfortable pre-order her. But I doubt I’ll ever play the game series she is from, I don’t really care for fighting games all that much. Although I enjoy a lot of the characters that come from them. My figure collection is fairly conservative in their outfits (minus all the Yoko figures). Dizzy will be joining my small group of scantily clad ladies, and depending on what’s going on under that skirt thing she might be my most provocative figure yet.

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Luffy Strong Edition (Megahouse)

At long last! My #1 desired One Piece figure! I love this figure of Luffy, it has an awesome presence. The moment I saw this open for pre-order it was immediately dropped in my cart, there was no way I was skipping him. He’ll soon be standing proudly in front of his entire Strong Edition crew! My next haul post will contain a few waves of releases of the crew. I haven’t gotten around to taking those photos because my entire figure/manga room is in disarray with my recent figure sales. Also, for some reason I don’t think I did the lighting too well on the Luffy shoot, oh well, I’ll try and do better next time.

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Zoro Strong Edition Ver. (Megahouse)

Zoro is an awesome character, definitely one of my all time favorites. I’m buying BOTH Strong Versions of him being released, I don’t care that he’s the only one I’ll have doubles of from this set! The more Zoro the better! Of the two Zoro figures being released I think I’ll end up liking Version 2 the best. Why Version 2? Simply because it’s Zoro in a tuxedo! When I first started collecting figures the Skypia Megahouse Zoro was one of my most wanted figures, I was ecstatic when they had an improved re-release. Although of the One Piece Strong set I’d say Zoro Ver. 2 and Ver. 1 place #2 and #3 on my MUST HAVE list for this set. My #1 desired figure is the Luffy that I’ll be reviewing next time!

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