There isn’t a whole lot worth talking about in a collection update, but I rambled for a bit in this post anyway. This is mostly just to post a few of the pictures of figures from the updated display. For complete pictures of everything in my collection go here, I didn’t want to load down this post with too many thumbnails that most visitors wouldn’t have the time to enlarge anyway. The written part of this post will just be answering questions that people have asked me in the past and questions I think might be asked:

(Q) What have you changed since the last update?

(A) I’ve added more shelves and boxed up a lot of my older manga series so I have more room for figure growth. I put a lot of manga in the closet in this room and in the guest bedroom. I also recently finished selling off a lot of figures from my collection. I sometimes get to a point where I’ve kind of grown away from some figures and want to sell them so I can buy something current that I’m more interested in. I don’t grow apart from all older figures though. I still have a lot of old figures in this collection that will probably stay with me until the day I die, or am put into a situation where I need to sell off the whole collection.  

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