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Soulless: The Manga and The Parasol Protectorate: Novels

Sometimes I watch an anime because a figure I’m interested in from that series is released. And apparently other times when a manga is released based on a book series, I’ll also pick up the book series because I’m interested in the manga! Soulless: The Manga is being released by Yen Press, I saw a few preview coloured pages and became interested in the heroine. This will be a quick review on what’s been released of the books (1-4) and the manga (Volume 1) so far. So Books first and then a quick manga blurb!


*WARNING – slight spoilers (nothing too big though)*

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Seiho Boy’s High School

I originally passed over this series a few times because I figured it was shonen-ai (guy-guy love). I don’t mind if a shonen-ai couple pops up in a series I’m reading, but it’s not a genre I actively seek out. I happened to see somewhere that someone really unexpectedly enjoys the series, and that it wasn’t shonen-ai but actually shoujo. So I picked it up on a whim. It may have been a random review (and I can’t remember where I saw it) that pushed me to take a chance.

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Top Ten Magical Girls

Making this list was a LOT more of a pain than I thought it would be! I was thinking I had a lot more anime series options that fell under the “magical girl” category than I actually did. Characters that I used to think were considered “magical girls” probably were a bit too old, and their powers were either more supernatural oriented, or not as magical as I remembered them being. I probably still don’t understand what a magical girl category really is, and there may be more series/characters applicable to this than I considered. But below are characters from my favorite series that I thought were best qualified as the “magical girl” genre. The magical girl genre in general seems to be mostly hit or miss for me. The series I like, I REALLY like, and the series I dislike, I REALLY dislike. Plus…as I made this list I had terrible urges to re-read some of these series, I already got distracted at least once to re-read one of these series and have been resisting the rest until later. My next manga review may have to be a magical girl series :)

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Sket Dance Manga/Anime Review

I became interested in Sket Dance when it made a list I found of recommended manga. I REALLY liked the list and added all the series I hadn’t yet read to my “to read” list (Gokusen, Ping Pong, etc..). I REALLY wish I could remember where I saw this list, I believe it was made by multiple manga bloggers and I’m kicking myself that I can’t find it again to link it. Well the last few series were listed under a category of favorite series that aren’t licensed yet…Sket Dance in particular caught my eye. The fact that it was a long running Shonen Jump series with three characters that looked so normal and cheerful…I wanted to try it out. Anything that’s over 100 chapters in Shonen Jump is worth trying for me, not to mention it won the 55th annual Shogakukan Manga Award in 2009 for best shōnen manga. So I started reading the manga online, and after a while I started the anime as well. Sket Dance has opened my eyes to Shonen gag/comedy manga, usually my Shonen series have a battle or mystery focus.

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Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

I remember a long time back there was a Spiral anime I was considering watching, and someone online told me not to even bother because it’s a mystery where you don’t even get to see the ending. However, in Yen Press’s anthology magazine I saw that one of the editors was talking about how Spiral was her family member’s favorite series. A few months later I was going through my favorite manga review blogs and saw that one of them had REALLY enjoyed Fallen Vampire. The series (Fallen Vampire) was cheap used, and the review had gotten my interest so I purchased and loved it. The whole time I was reading Fallen Vampire the covers all had “from the creator of Spiral” all over them. So, as soon as I was done with Fallen Vampire I went out and purchased Spiral too…

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