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Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime (DS)

My Nintendo DS Lite was a WONDERFUL birthday gift that I received 3 years ago. One of the games I received with my first DS was Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime, I raised an eyebrow at the choice and focused on the other 2 games I received. Now here I am on a DS XL all this time later, and for the hell of it I finally pick up this game. From the moment I started it I was hooked, I completed this game in a few days. That’s probably slow for the serious gamers out there, but for someone who plays video games as casually as I do, that’s really fast. 

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Zack and Wiki (Wii)

One of the most effective pure puzzle games I’ve ever played, I thought Layton was as good as it got when it came to puzzle video games. But now…I’m unsure which is king for me. I love these puzzles, the entire level is displayed right there in front of you, your goal is clear (get that chest) and I find it really fun trying to use the tools presented to me to figure out a way to my goal. I feel VERY rewarded when I’ve completed a level, more-so than with any other puzzle game I’ve ever played.

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Puzzlequest: Challenge of the Warlords

Puz Quest

I usually carry my DS around in a silly little (pink) purse thing that has a lot of storage room for extra games, in case I want to play something else. But since starting Puzzlequest this is the only game I need when I go out so I’ve ditched the purse. This is the perfect game to play in the car while my partner and I travel around doing errands or commuting to work, I usually turn off the volume (the audio is nothing notable from what I’ve heard) and can have conversations while I play a bit.

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Tales of the Abyss Review


Luke is a rich noble that was kidnapped when he was a kid, he came back from his kidnapping with amnesia and still can’t remember his life before that point. Since then he had been isolated in the Fabre Mansion. However, he is also the center of a fateful prophecy, so of course that confinement doesn’t last long once the game starts. A woman named Tear breaks in and he is whisked away to be thrown into all the political dilemmas of the world.

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village


Quick Summary
Professor Layton and Luke are asked to visit a village and solve the mystery of The Golden Apple. The richest man in a village (Baron Reinhold) died and in his will he said he would leave his entire fortune to the one that solved his last puzzle. The treasure seeking individual simply must find the Golden Apple hidden somewhere in the village and they’ll inherit his fortune. The wife of the recently deceased Baron Reinhold has invited Professor Layton to the village to help her solve it. However everyone in the village are just as obsessed with puzzles as the late Baron and in order to accomplish anything and gain their assistance you need to humor them and solve their puzzles throughout the game.

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