Making this list was a LOT more of a pain than I thought it would be! I was thinking I had a lot more anime series options that fell under the “magical girl” category than I actually did. Characters that I used to think were considered “magical girls” probably were a bit too old, and their powers were either more supernatural oriented, or not as magical as I remembered them being. I probably still don’t understand what a magical girl category really is, and there may be more series/characters applicable to this than I considered. But below are characters from my favorite series that I thought were best qualified as the “magical girl” genre. The magical girl genre in general seems to be mostly hit or miss for me. The series I like, I REALLY like, and the series I dislike, I REALLY dislike. Plus…as I made this list I had terrible urges to re-read some of these series, I already got distracted at least once to re-read one of these series and have been resisting the rest until later. My next manga review may have to be a magical girl series :)

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