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Anime/Loot/Manga/Books Update

Anime Update
Sorry for taking so long to do another update! Life has been quite hectic lately with typical life obligations, but what can I say? I love boring things like fixing up things around my home, and then settling into a nice TV coma at night. Ever since I finished playing Hakuoki, my boyfriend and I have been obsessively watching GinTama for our anime series these past few months. So Gintama is where all my spare time has been going lately, blame Gintoki for capturing my heart and funny bone! We’ve also recently discovered and become addicted to the TV Series called Grimm, the series definitely has a feel of being from someone who was involved with creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favorite TV Show in junior high). I may have to do a review of the Gintama anime soon, it’s a series I now consider to be one of the best shonen anime series around. Gintoki is the first hero I’ve seen that comes close to rivaling Luffy (One Piece) as my favorite. I may have to re-do my favorite Shonen characters list. After we (sadly) catch up in GinTama we’ll be moving on to Beezlebub next, not sure what’ll be after that. Otherwise the only other series on the anime front that I am continuing to keep up with are Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Sket Dance.

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My Wall Scrolls

Like quite a may other other anime/manga fans I also have a few wall scrolls of some of my favorite series. Once I realized the existence of wall scrolls, whenever possible I opted to buy a wall scroll over a poster because they hold up better over time. My poor posters are all worn at the corners from years of having wall putty placed and removed from the same spots, all of them are retired in a bin now. Unfortunately I frequently come across the dilemma where I can find the images I want in poster form, but not in a wall scroll.  The lighting in these pictures isn’t that great because they’re hanging in our basement. That’s where our main living space is. I recently came across a Sailor Moon wall scroll that I REALLY liked and (of course) purchased. It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been waiting years to find a Sailor Moon wall scroll that I liked. For me this wall scroll is perfect for Sailor Moon, I found that most Sailor Moon wall scrolls had a few more characters than I wanted. Even though I like all the Sailor Scouts/Senshi, I was really looking for a wall scroll of just the main inner senshi (and no Rini/Chibi-Usa). I really like that this wall scroll has everyone in their original outfits and their original transformation finale poses, it makes me nostalgic for the first season on Sailor Moon. Although unfortunately in order to hang up this lovely piece, another wall scroll had to be retired….but I’ll get into my retired wall scrolls at the end of the post.

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I’ve been VERY quiet!! UPDATE!

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been terribly quiet lately, but I’ve been reading a lot of manga as well as watching a lot of anime! I have a few series I really can’t wait to write reviews of, so look forward to that! I plan on doing posts on Sket Dance (manga/anime), my top ten favorite Magical Girl characters, Seiho Boy’s High School (manga), and perhaps Code: Breaker (manga)!! I’m also ALMOST done with Persona 4! Expect my first video game review in ages right after I finish! I’m at 100+ hours played with less than 20 hours left to go! (At least I think it’s at less than 20). Afterward I’m going to finish DragonQuest V…if you can believe it I put the game down because I wasn’t sure which bride to choose! In the end I’ll probably go for Bianca because she’s the choice that seems to match the story best.

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Current Top Ten Shonen/Seinen Gals

The funny thing is that I judged a lot of these females by my first impressions of them, and was prepared to dislike many of them (and their skanky outfits). But their personalities, determination, and skills made me forget my first impression and I loved watching each of  them in their respective series. I seem to be very harsh on judging which female characters are worth my affection, probably more-so than male characters. Also, may as well say this ahead of time, I LOVE the Black Lagoon females…I can’t think of a single female from that series that didn’t have me pumped. Although only two made the list. This post contains SPOILERS for * One Piece, Gurren Lagann*. Here is a list of my favorite Shonen/Seinen Guys.

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Happy 26th Birthday to Me!

Some context is needed for that video :) Konata and the gang were chatting in the classroom about how women are like Christmas Cakes, something about how “after 25 they become just a normal cake/leftovers”. Then poor Kuroi Sensei is shopping the day after Christmas and sees those cakes and rescues one :) And NOW it’s finally happened! I’m 16 and just a regular cake now too! I’m a year younger than Kuroi Sensei, but I see a lot of my habits/self in her minus her love of beer. I prefer wine myself :) Only Lucky Star can jab at my unmarried elderly status like that and get away with it! Normally I don’t blog about too many of my life milestones but I admit it’s getting harder not to think about how I’m so much older than the fictional characters I love watching go on adventures. I was 10 or 11 when I first started watching Sailor Moon and looking up at the teenage (14 year old) Sailor Senshi with wide eyed admiration at their beauty, battles, and love issues. The video below is Konata and her dad discussing Gundam series these days and then Konata starts talking about how surprising it is that she’s now older than some of the characters, it kinda feels like this for me. Just a few weeks ago I was watching Nadia (for the first time) and Grandis was flaunting herself in a swimsuit when Electra asked her to cover up. Her response was that she’s still in her 20’s? Because I feel like I’m seeing the story from the protagonists’ kids eyes I thought she was older than me too! So this is what a fictional character my age looks to the young ones hhhmmm…and no sooner had I thought this when Electra’s’s wise-ass remark was that she was on the wrong side of the 20’s! Hey!

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