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Meet My New Puppy: Dexter

Pretty adorable haul huh? I’ve been so distracted by this little unpredictable guy that I’ve almost forgotten about anime figures…ALMOST…I did pre-order a few things this week hehehehe. I’ll post about them later. Well anyway we took our two year old dog (Roxy) to my favorite shelter and had her meet the puppies there until she found the right one. I actually originally picked out a tan little german shepard mix that I was planning on naming Franky, but for some reason my big wuss of a dog was scared of him! In the end she chose one of the calmer smaller puppies for her friend and things have been working out great. Although he still has a lot of energy he’s a lot calmer and more collected than Roxy…so we named him Dexter! Yes that’s right partially after Dexter the show about a methodical serial killer of killers. The name just seemed to match him for some reason. A lot of my friends have names picked out ahead of time for their pets, but I have to meet them before I can pick out a name that feels right. Well as you can see in the picture below the two are getting along really well. Click “Read the Rest of the Entry” for a few more Dexter pictures!

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My First Taste of Takoyaki!

Normally I don’t do any food posts but I got to try a lot of new foods this week that had me very excited! Ever since I saw the special episode on Cardcaptor Sakura where Spinel Sun and Keroberos were fighting over some takoyaki I’ve been determined to try some when I visit Japan! But obviously if I got the opportunity sooner I’d snatch at it in a heartbeat! Well this week I was picking up the groceries and realized I couldn’t find any Oyster Sauce at my local supermarket (they were out). I remember there was an international food market up the street from from where I worked and went there at lunch to pick some up. I went to the H-Mart and was astounded by the sight! I know it’s a chain that probably many of you have access to, but I’ve never seen such an awesome supermarket before! After I picked up some groceries I visited the food court where I saw it! TAKOYAKI! I immediately purchased it!

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Current Top Ten Shonen/Seinen Guys

Ari gets credit for making me want to do this post, initially I tried to follow her example and do an overall top ten guys list…but that didn’t work out at all. Comparing guys from shoujo to guys from shonen is like comparing apples to oranges, it’s difficult to say that one character is cooler than another. Especially when that other character is a guy that fights in a cow onsie and an afro, I mean what bishie shoujo character stands a chance against such a unique guy?  Characteristics I value in shoujo men aren’t always appreciated in the characters in shonen and vice versa. So I’ve divided things up. But I’m not sure how excited I’ll be about my female Shonen list…there are so many less awesome femme fatales to choose from in Shonen so most will probably be from Seinen series. Also I had to add in “current” to the title because my favorites are easily influenced by what part of the series I’m at when it’s time to make a list. For example if I had made this list when Naruto seriously fought Sasuke for the first time, Naruto would probably be in the top 10. My preferences change around as I see more, and series I liked a lot at the time I watched them sometimes fade from my memory quickly.

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My Hobby Development

This post is inspired from a project Nopy is doing that involves looking into the Anime pasts of fellow bloggers. Anime started for me (in the 5th grade) at the kitchen table looking at it on a very small TV. My kindergarten aged sister insisted on putting this cartoon Sailor Moon on the TV. I was grumpy with the choice at first because even though it looked pretty, I didn’t understand what was going on since it was based on events from previous episodes. It took a few episodes of me being forced to watch it before I became addicted. Pretty soon we watched an episode every day and bought as many as we could on VHS. We each got Sailor Moon gifts as presents for a few years, there were plushes, purses, wands, and some leftover high heels to run around thwarting evil in. But before I knew it the tables turned, I was the one forcing my sister to re-watch episodes over and over again and she could barely stand it. I was obsessed with my VHS tape of the episodes where “Serena” was revealed to be the princess, and my home recorded one of them traveling to the moon kingdom. But alas…something odd was going on, every time the episodes reached a certain point in the middle of (what I later found out to be called) the Dark Moon story arc they re-started again at episode 1!!! I can’t tell you how many times I watched a full cycle of Sailor Moon hoping the show would finally continue from that cliffhanger, but it didn’t. I was really crushed by this and I partially moved on for a while.

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On Order: Sherlock Shellingford

I first took notice of this cutie yesterday on Kumo’s blog, my decision to order her was immediate. I love a good mystery/detective series, and this character has an adorable detective look. I absolutely want her on my shelf, perhaps I’ll put her next to my Revoltech Professor Layton? It’s rare that I buy a nendoroid without having played the video game/seen the anime they belong to, but Holmes here is one of the exceptions. She seems to be from a video game called Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, and it recently had an anime. Even though I’m ordering this figure I doubt I’ll watch the anime, usually I like my mysteries to be about murder more-so than stolen kittens. For a random update I started playing Persona 4…  
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