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May Figure Haul and Beato Arrives

Ookami Ryouko (Alter) , Yuri (GSC), Eustass Kidd (Banpresto), Animation Dead Master (GSC), Dizzy (GSC), Sanji (Banpresto), Flynn (Alter), Summer Kagami (Sega), and Summer Konata (Sega).  And with this figure haul I think I’m officially squeezed for shelf space again. Well I’ll find some way to make everyone fit, I’ve “run out of space” many times now since I started collecting. Although sometimes my solution is to sell off some figures I’m less interested in, but that won’t be the case this time. I’m still pretty happy with everything on my shelves. Just some good old fashioned re-arranging will be needed for the next few hauls. Perhaps I’ll take solo pictures of someone from this haul sometime soon…but when it comes to trying to take nice pictures I’m a bit distracted by something else these days… :) hehehehe

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Small April Haul

The only one of these figures that I actually planned to buy right from the start was Kotobukiya’s Dark Magician. I did a last minute pre-order on the Max Factory Mari after I started watching the recent Evangelion movies. I continue to be a sucker for Evangelion figures even though I consider myself a casual fan of the series/movies. Asuka, Rei, Misato, and (now) Mari are characters I can’t help but want to stare at on my shelves. Perhaps Max Factory will do a Misato figure!? I would be incrdibly excited if they did. I originally passed on Bat Girl because I felt that the cost of collecting all the Shunya Bishoujo figures was a bit too much. But after looking at her close up in Hina’s Post I really HAD to get her! And I’m really glad I did, because I like her in person even more than in photos. BatGirl was the first to arrive and I opened her right away, so that’s why she’s deboxed. Well anyway I took some pictures of this haul, I’ll probably do a quick review posts of each figure sometime soon. I’m also working on taking better pictures lately, feedback seems to point to having more light in my setup.

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Mid-March Haul!

Looks like Boa Hancock (Megahouse) managed to make it into one of my haul posts. She arrived a day after my last haul pictures were taken, I figured she wouldn’t make it into a post due to timing but tah-dah! Her amazing beauty was too much to ever be passed over in a post, too bad all the pictures I took of her out of box look terrible. Boa Hancock wins as the MOST un-annoying female in shonen that has romantic potential with the main character. My boyfriend and I were recently discussing how much we usually dislike the token girlfriend/romantic interest of shonen heroes. This topic was inspired by our dislike of Kyoko-chan in Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. We both infinitely prefer Haru at this point because Kyoko is painfully uninteresting. But who knows how we’ll feel at the end of the series, she has 120 episode to change our minds.

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Recent Hauls

All these items came separate so I combined them all into one haul post. Sanji (SEGA), Silvers Rayleigh (SEGA), Yuri (Alter) and the Black/White Edition of Frankie. I was lucky to get this figure of Silvers Rayleigh, I’m not collecting ALL the Grandline Men (SEGA Prize series) but I really wanted a small figure of this awesome character. Yuri is from the game Tales of Vesperia which I still haven’t been able to play yet, I’m still waiting for a PS3 port. BUT I really like the figures of the men for this game, I hope when I play the game the characters live up to my expectations/hopes. Currently my favorite Tales character is Jade from Tales of the Abyss. I was planning on having my Monster High Frankie stay boxed up when displayed. Unfortunately her guitar came loose and is floating around in the box. I’m debating opening her just enough to slide the guitar back into place now, or just displaying her out of the box. Currently this black/white Frankie is my only Monster High doll but I think they’re all awesome. If I were a kid again I’d have LOVED to collect these over Barbies. A while after I took these pictures my Boa Hancock (Megahouse) arrived. She probably won’t get her picture into a haul post because I plan on unboxing her this weekend and displaying her. BUT I’ll post my entire collection soon, so she can be in those pictures.

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Most Recent Haul + Other Updates

As I was unpacking and finding homes for the figures in the Built Up Haul Parts I and II, another haul built up. Maybe someday I’ll be up to date on my new goodies but it’s kind of more fun posting them all at once. Bottom to top, and left to right I have Animation Black Rock Shooter (GSC), Yukata Rei (Kotobukiya), Kakashi (Megahouse), Metis (Figma), Hetalia volume 2 (Kotobukiya), Luffy (Megahouse), Ace (Megahouse), Asuka (Alter), and Figuarts Luffy (Bandai). Almost all of these figures have found a nice place on my shelves. I’m just stuck on the best place to put my Hetalia figures. I also haven’t found a place for my Figuarts Luffy yet, why? Because I don’t really like how he looks, the outline of his lips makes it look like he has on lipstick. I believe this will be my last Figuarts figure. I guess my Boa Hancock Figuarts pre-order being cancelled was a blessing in disguise.

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