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Built Up Haul: Part 2

This is a continuation of my last haul post. This is the other half of 5 months worth of figures (see part 1). My updates on hauls are just a bit behind now, but I’ve almost organized my room enough so that I have space to pro-actively unpack my new goodies. I’m on vacation this week and am so happy to have found all of these new figures a home on my shelves. I’ve placed quite a bit of my manga into the closet in the spare bedroom, and in a couple bins. I’ve also boxed up the last of the figures I’ll be selling for a while. I’ll wait to take pictures of the room until I’ve finished re-organizing the room. Well anyway from bottom to top and right to left my loot is the R-Style Gurrn Lagann Figures (Bandai), Clalaclan (Alter), Mercedes (Alter), Summer Uniform Kagami and Konata (SEGA), Misao (SEGA), Kagome (Max Factory), Kobato (Pinky Street), Natsume (Altair), Mari (Kotobukiya), Dark Phoenix (Kotobukiya), Ciel (Good Smile Company), Saber (GSC), Momohime (Alter), Fate: Stay/Night Nendoroids (GSC), and King Kazma (Max Factory)
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Built Up Haul: Part 1 – One Piece

So the last time I’ve opened a haul item was 5 months ago. I’ve sold off some of my collection, and organized the room a bit more so now I feel comfortable diving into the new goodies. I’d say about half my haul was from One Piece, and the other half was from a lot of different anime/video games/other. So I split up my posts into two. From Left to Right and top to bottom I have Crocodile (Megahouse), Zoro Strong  ver. 2 (Megahouse), Sanji Strong (Megahouse), Mihawk (Banpresto), Franky Strong (Megahouse), Robin Strong (Megahouse), Shanks (Megahouse), Brook Strong (Megahouse), Luffy and Goku (Banpresto), Usopp Strong (Megahouse), Smoker (Megahouse), Tashigi (Megahouse), and Chopper Strong ver. 2 (Megahouse). This haul was one where maybe pre-ordering everyone right away wasn’t the wisest move. I believe Tashigi, Smoker, Franky, Crocodile, and Sanji went on sale for a bit lower than what my early bird pre-order price cost me for some sales last week. Although at the same time if the opposite happened and they sold out before I could get one, I’d be filled with regret and waiting anxiously to see if Megahouse does another round of releases.

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My July Haul

I’m really excited for this haul, it has a few items I was anxiously waiting for. In particular I was happy to get my hands on Toushiro since his release date feels like it was forever ago, and the GEM figures tend to skyrocket in price after they release. Plus I needed Canaan to match my beautiful Alphard! During this haul post I’ll take some pictures of my less expensive items. I’m hoping to give the prize figures a full review at a later point, but for now, just a few quick pics so this post isn’t so boring. The bigger items I’ll do a  full review of at some point soon.

Starting in the Lower Left Corner (Bottom ->Top)
Guts Black Fencer Limited ver. Bloody Color (Art of War)
Canaan (Good Smile Company)
Kobato (Kotobukiya)
O-No Sushi Red (Grumpy Bert)
Toushiro (Megahouse)
One Piece Flags (PLEX)
Professor Layton (Revoltech)
Zoro (Banpresto)
Chiri Kitsu & Kafuka Fuura (Pit-Road)
Hetalia Vol. 1 (Kotobukiya)
Lum (Max Factory)
Piccolo (Banpresto)
Miku (Sega)
Rider (Griffon)
Rider (Max Factory)

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My May Haul

Its been a long time since my last haul! Although this past year it seems when I do get hauls the theme of One Piece seems to be showing up more and more! I just can’t resist figures of these characters! I’ve REALLY been looking forward to this figure of Luffy, it’s a nice change from his original release look (that I also love). But as excited as I was to see Luffy, the #1 item I was looking forward to was my FREEING Miyuki! I now finally have the whole gang! To think I almost ended my set at Konata! Lucky Star and One Piece continue to be my largest figure weaknesses :) I’ve taken pictures of a lot of the individual figures in this haul below. I couldn’t do everyone because I ran out of shelf space to place the figures on afterward. I’m currently re-arranging the room so I can put in another bookcase.

Miyuki – Lucky Star – FREEing
Rei and Asuka – Evangelion – SEGA
Luffy (Strong World) – One Piece – Megahouse
Hiyori – Bleach – AlphaXOmega
Scarlet Witch – X-Men – Kotobukiya
Kagami Figma (Summer) – Lucky Star – Max Factory
Nami (Strong World) – One Piece – Megahouse
Zoro (Strong World) – One Piece – Megahouse
Shirou – Fate: Stay/Night – Max Factory
Usopp (Mild) – One Piece – Megahouse
Sanji (Mild) – One Piece – Megahouse
Robin (Mild) – One Piece – Megahouse
Chopper (Strong World) – One Piece – Megahouse
WANTED Wall Scrolls – One Piece – PLEX

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ARIA Hauls + My Now Complete Set

That’s right! I’ve already reached my ARIA figure goal! I remember when I first started collecting figures someone on my forums posted their ARIA set and I thought they seemed lovely. But a fire was really lit under me to collect them all after I fell in love with the art books and manga. I was able to afford finishing collecting the set sooner than I expected because I came into a little extra cash :) I put most of it toward my car, and the rest towards a couple figures. I achieved my goal using Yahoo Japan, eBay, Tsuki-Board, and a proxy contact that picked up one of my ladies in a shop in Japan. Overall Athena and Aika proved the most difficult for me to find.

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