I was originally planning for each girl to get her own figure post…but I decided it would be harder to post group pics that way. Plus with the slow rate I go at (finally) posting figure reviews, I’d be posting nothing but this set for the next month. I try to hold back my “figure set completionist” ways whenever I think I’m buying something JUST because it’s part of a set. But for these I definitely felt it was all or nothing, I wanted all 4, or none at all. All 4 together tell a much better story, plus I really like all the cosplay outfits chosen. And lets be honest here…anything of the Lucky Star cast cosplaying has my interest, I think it’s adorable. Got to this post to see them in their boxes, and to see the rest of the Limited Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Set.

Konata got the plainest outfit, which belongs to Saotome Alto, but it definitely suits her. I really like how casual and masculine her pose is. PLUS I think Konata looks adorable in a ponytail.

Kagami has the best look to pull of Klan Klang, you really can’t do this cosplay without long hair. One could argue that Konata could be a better choice for this because her hair is blue AND long, but I still think Kagami was the better choice. Plus, if Kagami were Seto I don’t think her adorably embarassed face would match as well. After all, his outfit is just pants and a shirt, there isn’t much to be blushing about there.


Tsukasa looks SO CUTE in this frilly outfits, she has the closest look to Ranka Lee of the whole group in my opinion. If any one of the Lucky Star wore an outfit with a lot of frills/ruffles I would definitely say that it suits Tsukasa’s personality/style/body type better. My only complaint is the bulky wedge under her angled (right) foot.

Miyuki was born to do this Sheryl Nome cosplay, she has just the right body type and the closest hair type. Although Sheryl doesn’t have those glasses, this figure wouldn’t be Miyuki without them. I will note that this figure is the most easily broken of the group. When picking her up I hold her by the legs and keep one hand on her hat/upper body. Her upper body and legs separate easily and the hat isn’t magnetic so it will fall off if you go to grab her too carelessly. To me, it feels like the most care and detail was put into Miyuki’s cosplay.

I really like the bases, they’re simple and small. AND if I so choose they easily fit into one another so the girls can be posed closer together. Overall I really like these figures, I think they’re great quality for a prize figure. But the fact that they’re limited really increases the price, and I can’t blame people if they think that these are not worth the re-sale value individuals from Japan are selling them at. This is one of those situations where you probably have to be head over heels for the characters to pay these prices (if you’re on a budget). I see these ladies sell at $75 a piece, that’s more than even I’m willing to pay. Even though these are GREAT quality prize figures…for $300 you could get some particularly gorgeous figures from other manufacturers.

Recommended for Lucky Star fans (especially if they’re also fans of Macross F). To really enjoy these figures, and not cringe at their price tag, I think you need to know (and love) the characters. I LOVE Lucky Star, so I’m more than pleased with my purchase!