It seems like in this hobby I’m never fully satisfied. I always want more, once one wish is granted I’m incredibly excited at the good news and then I start thinking about my other wishes. Most of my wishes have to do with the way series are brought over from Japan to where I am. So most would be solved if I could speak Japanese and read hiragana/katakana/kanji. However others would be unfullfilled even if I could read/speak Japanese like I was born in Japan.

I wish upon a star for…more


#1 The Kindaichi Case Files  – Rescued

They got me absolutely addicted and in love with this series and now I have to live with the fact that there is so much more available to Japan, and not to me. My favorite mystery stories of all time so far.

# 2 Tokyo Crazy Paradise – Licensed

An amazing series that I wish could be officially shared with the rest of the world in the officially released quality it deserves. I love this series just as much as Skip Beat! Maybe even more-so because the heroine can kick so much ass.

#3 The Queen’s Knight – Rescued

SERIOUSLY! Indefinitely delayed?! There were only a few volumes left in the series, this was the title that angered me the most on Tokyopop’s list of titles they were putting hiatus.

#4 Sailor Moon – Re-released/Re-translated – *GRANTED*

I would like the volumess released in full sized manga volumes (not Pocket Mixx) and with new translations. I prefer the anime overall but the differences between the manga and anime are interesting. Those awkwardly tiny Out of Print volumes sell for way too much too.

#5 Apothecarius Argentum – Rescued

I’m curious to see what happens next. If this series is finished off there is a good chance this would be the type of series that would be good to recommend to those that are new to manga/shoujo.

#6 Legend of Chun Hyang – Continued by


This one is mostly impossible, I think even recently CLAMP confirmed there would be no more volumes. But I really took a liking to the character and the story that seemed like it was about to unfold in the first volume.

#8 xxxHolic – Rescued

I admit I’m not even entirely sure if this series needs rescuing yet. All I know is that I suddenly cannot pre-order any more volumes and it wasn’t announced in the line of manga Kodansha said they’d be taking over from Del Rey.

#9  X/1999- Continued by CLAMP

I guess this series got too violent and dark for the magazine it was being published in and it was abruptly ended. This is a series where I think how it all ends makes or breaks it. I really wish I could have seen what the real ending looked like.

I wish upon a star for…more


# 1 Kino’s Journey – New Seasons

Each episode was such a wonderfully unique story…I want more! This is the type of series that could go on for a LONG time without getting tiring to me. I’d also take the light novels getting a proper release.

#2 Skip Beat! – New Seasons

I know this story like the back of my hand from re-reading the manga so much. But I want to see more of it animated, it was a well done shoujo series and I liked their seiyu choices for all the characters.

#3 Fruits Basket – New Seasons

I actually preferred the pace of the anime to the manga, my enjoyment of this series really dropped off when I had to pick up the manga where the anime left off. I wish the anime had continued, it conveyed the humor in situations better than it’s manga source.

#4 Soul Eater – Re-Created

This series was heading towards unseating One Piece as my favorite anime…that is while it followed the manga. It had everything I could want in a shonen series and then some! After it strayed from the manga my opinion of this series plummeted. I prefer the anime art style to the manga, plus I love watching shonen over reading it in general. I do read the manga but I yearn for the beginning days of the anime.

#5 GTO – Re-created (with less censoring)

I mainly want this because I thought the manga was hilarious and I wanted to share this series with a friend who doesn’t read manga. But the anime censored parts that made the jokes more amusing. It also would be nice to see it re-created using the current anime technology.

#6 Ghost Hunt – New Seasons

I think this series had potential to become more interesting. I really liked the ghost story from the mansion and would like to see more creepy ghost stopries like it. But since the light novels are on hiatus in Japan this is probably more unlikely than the rest. I would enjoy another good series about ghosts in general.

Some Wishes do Come True [Past Wishes]

Berserk Anime Re-created

Fruits Basket Manga Licensed (English)

FullMetal Alchemist Anime Re-created

Genshiken More Seasons Although season 2 wasn’t as good

Clover Manga Re-Released (English)

MPD Psycho taken off hiatus

Omnibus Manga Releases (in general)

Yotsuba Manga Rescued (English)

Lucky Star More Anime Although the OVAs weren’t as good as the series

Yours and My Secret Manga Rescued (English)

What are your Hobby Wishes?