I had just finished making some backgrounds for my light tent, and taking some photos of my newest figures, when Alphard arrived! I immediately dropped everything to take pictures and find her a nice spot on my shelves. I admit I don’t know anything about Alphard as a character, but that didn’t stop me from pre-ordering her the moment I saw her become available! Some figures are just so great and say so much about that character already, that  it doesn’t matter to me that I haven’t seen the anime or played the game. Although between the two I think I’d prefer to play the game, usually characters shine their best in the original format they were created in.

Alphard and Canaan are in the top 5 most looked forward to figures of the year for me. They have the three things I love most in a figure, a bad-ass woman/girl, a weapon, and an action pose. Getting the first two categories I mentioned isn’t too hard, but getting a great action pose is more rare than it should be in the figure world. Although this past year or so I feel like I’ve seen more action poses than I did in the past. I imagine part of it is that figure design/manufacturing technology is improving, which in turn allows the sculptors more freedom. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on Canaan, so while everyone else will be ending their reviews with killer shots of Canaan vs. Alphard I’ll have to wait. I love that Alphard is really sexy, but not in a cheap way, in other words she’s completely sexy without even trying. At least that’s how it looks to me in this figure. You also have to give her credit for working her outfit, I’ve never seen suspenders look so good. The suspenders seem like an odd choice, but they really give her outfit a lot of original flair.  Not to mention they bring attention to, and  frame her awesome abs. I’ve never owned a female figure with such distinct abs before, but I have to say I really like it.

My favorite figures are almost all action poses with incredible flow, and there is just no beating how GSC accomplished this with Alphard. The way the coat is positioned really adds a lot of movement to her pose. It’s also great that she is twisted to the side, it makes the pose seem natural and not staged. GSC did a spectacular job with Alphard’s base and with concealing her support stand. The support stand itself was already hardly noticeable, but to also take that extra step and make it so that the environment of the base hides it from most angles was really great. The less stand seen (assuming the figure won’t lean as a result) the better! Originally I was getting  Alphard to simply compliment Canaan, but Alphard is a stunning figure even without her rival present. Although I imagine they will still both look better as a pair Alphard is worthy to own  even if just on her own.