When I first started collecting figures on bookshelves I quickly ran into an issue. Each shelf was deep and could allow for 2-3 rows of figures, but you wouldn’t get a good view of the figures in the back rows. The first time I attempted to fix this situation I bought some cardboard building blocks, spray painted them to match the bookcases, and used them so that my figures were displayed in tiers. This worked well but there was the issue of how much work it took to spray paint each block, arranging the blocks in a way that let me utilize all the space, and each block wasn’t as level/flat as I would have liked.

I took measurements of the particularly tall (eye level) shelf that I wished to use for figures. I love displaying my figures at my eye level so there was no way I was going to put manga on this shelf. I also took measurements across the tops of the three bookcases I use. I went to Home Depot and bought two pieces of wood. I had one piece cut into all the legs (1 pair of 3″ legs and 3 pairs of 6″ legs), and the other piece was cut into the tops of the 4 shelves. Usually at Home Depot only the first two cuts are free (50 cents for each additional) but luckily my cashier was lazy and didn’t charge me the  $5.00 in cuts that was due.

I decided against spray painting the shelves because I felt the natural color of the wood already matched most of the bookcases I own, plus it’s easier to not spray paint them. Then I just nailed them all together and VOILA! I now get to better display my figures in deep shelves with more visibility and I can actually use the back portion of the top of each bookcase. Up until now I just lined figures up along the edge of the top of each bookcase. By the way each bookcase shown here cost me $20 which I think is a great deal, I realize they’re mismatched and not exactly gorgeous but I can’t say no to that price. I would love to own the fancy glass cases that so many other collectors have, but I can’t stand the high prices for what you get out of them. And yes that includes the Ikea Detolf, I dislike the number of shelves in it and its short height. So for me this is the perfect solution, and might be a decent solution for anyone else that is a cheapskate when it comes to things like this. I spend money like crazy on my hobbies, but when it comes to anything else…I tighten up.

AND NOW, I have plenty of room to expand my collection of figures!