I took these pictures weeks ago, but I kept getting distracted and not actually posting them. About the time this Saber was announced I had actually promised myself to buy less Saber figures, I even actively sold a few of my Saber figures to cut back. At one point I had found myself pre-ordering  every Saber figure that was announced.  A few multiples of my favorite characters is a great thing, but the amount of Saber figures I was acquiring was too much. So because of that I was really torn over ordering her. OK, well that and the fact that she is more expensive than my average figure purchase (due to her being an exclusive). If she hadn’t been exclusive I would have pre-ordered her without hesitation. But in the end I decided that she was worth it, and that I had already done really well resisting a lot of the Saber figures being announced. Although I still own quite a few figures of Saber still :) I can’t resist her completely (*cough* Saber Lily *cough* Triumphant Excalibur).

I think the packaging is great, this is my first figure (that wasn’t a prize figure) where the box had no window to view the figure through. As someone who de-boxes their figures and stores away the boxes, I really like this packaging. It seems so mysterious and dark to have just a silhouette of the figure. BUT for those that display their figures in the boxes without opening them, I feel for you. I imagine those collectors may not have been too thrilled with this choice. Usually I don’t bother with pictures of the packaging but on impulse I decided I wanted to take pictures of it. Plus I figure if bootlegs of this figure are ever  made the more images out there of the packaging the easier it will be for buyers to avoid them.

I like Saber’s original look a lot, but I’m fascinated by her Dark Saber persona. I saw Fate: Stay/Night with her original look but I think I prefer her darker design.  I really like the image below where it looks like Dark Saber is frowning at her original version. I think the frown on this figure is very cute. There really aren’t enough figures that do a good job representing Dark Saber (although I’d bet $10 that GSC will come out with one soon). I currently own the two Alter Dark Sabers, and they look great, but I knew that this character design could be so much more in a figure. Although I would have preferred a Dark Saber in her armor, my 2nd choice would be to have her in something like this (dark and girlish). For maids I usually prefer an English style dress but the French style maid looks especially good on Dark Saber, even more-so on her than her original version.

What REALLY sold me on this figure was her pose, it shows her rebellious/darker nature in a subtle way.  But the way the pail is thrown over her shoulder, and the angle she is holding the mop at makes it lovely and dramatic. If this figure had simply been a repaint of the original I would have skipped it for sure, I’m not big into repaints. This figure has a rather large base, but I love the pose so much that it doesn’t bother me too much. My ONLY complaint on the base would be that it doesn’t match up to her original version’s base well at all. The original base is a plain white circle that makes it hard to display them side by side in a way that I think looks nice. I actually currently have my two Saber maid beauties on separate shelves. Although Dark Saber Maid is right next to my only other dark maid, Roberta of Black Lagoon!

A LOVELY bonus is this adorable figure, I love that she is packaged with the Dark Saber version over the original. It’s like this tiny little cutie is trying to balance out the darker attitude of her maid partner. I’m not sure how much of a part this adorable little figure played  in my decision to buy this Saber, but her presence only helped me decide to get her. She is probably one of the best petite bonuses I’ve ever received with a figure.