I haven’t seen the Strong World movie yet and I REALLY can’t wait to see it! I’d love to buy it officially on blu-ray but…we’ll see if it actually gets released that way over here. Even though I’m caught up to Japan in the anime series I had completely dropped all the movies because it became obvious the mangaka (Oda) was not the one crafting them. I had started watching the set and was enjoying myself all the way up until a movie that had an odd art style, and had the characters behaving differently from their original designs. I watched it up until a part where the gang caught a goldfish in a huge net, and when they all caught it they laughed with a lot of joy…they had Zoro laugh in a way that was so uncharacteristic of him that I stopped my movie marathon in disgust right there. Zoro RARELY laughs, and when he does it’s not such an insane cheerful laugh…and definitely doesn’t laugh over something as stupid as catching a giant goldfish. That movie crossed a huge line with me, the Foxy filler episodes were pure gold in comparison with that garbage movie. BUT Strong World is a movie that’s in celebration of One Piece’s 10th Anniversary (it came out last December in theaters) and was written by Oda. So I have high hopes for it.

I decided to do some pictures of the boxes too, just in case it helps someone in the future when bootlegs exist of this figure. All the original Megahouse One Piece releases have bootlegs everywhere. Making packaging comparisons is sometimes a good way to catch a bootleg. Unfortunately my box was a bit damaged in shipment. Having pristine boxes is becoming more important to me lately, so I’m disappointed. I’m beginning to move my pre-orders to a new figure distributor, I’ve decided to get most of my figures direct from Japan. I find I begin to get anxious waiting for US distributors to get their stock on hot items.

I’m only getting this first version of Nami from Strong World, the second version does nothing for me. I don’t buy figures to have them wear something as plain and simple as just an over-sized white T-Shirt. I like my figures to have a lot of flair because of their unique outfits and poses. It might be the only one I end up skipping from the Strong World set. I honestly actually considered skipping THIS Nami too because I was unsure of if I could afford to collect all the Strong World figures. I had begun deciding which figures from the set attracted me the most. Of the whole set my love of this Nami was more in the middle, she was right above Franky, Brook, and Sanji. But the reason why Franky, Brook, and Sanji are so low is because they’re the most similar to their original releases compared to the rest of the group.

Normally I don’t do panty shots because I just forget to do them. Awesome panties aren’t what usually motivate me when picking out female figures so I don’t think to take pictures of those angles during my figure shoots. BUT Nami’s undergarments were so unique looking that I remembered to take a quick shot of them. The only issue is that they can’t be displayed on her normally. Her upper body is attached to the dress, so the only way to get the full view of them is to completely take off her upper half. That almost makes it seem like a waste of effort on making them so detailed and lovely. BUT I haven’t seen Strong World YET! If Nami gives a panty shot I can see why Megahouse put this much effort into them, they probably just wanted to be as true to the original as possible, but didn’t want to make her a cast-off.

And now Nami without her fluffy shawl thing! The biggest difference taking this thing off is in the side shot of her because something important that was previously hidden is now visible! And no…I don’t mean her side boob, her tattoo! The tattoo that symbolizes Nami’s freedom from her terrible past. Although the side boob in this figure is REALLY ridiculous. The anime series seriously gives her a huge breast enhancement over the manga. When other figure collectors criticize the outrageous proportions of the One Piece females I really don’t have much to say in their defense. I admit it, the boob to waist ratio is very unrealistic. BUT I can say I think it looks nice, and my deep love of Nami as a character would never allow me to hold her set of over-sized jugs against her.

So here is my entire Nami gang, for the back row of Megahouse figures of Nami I prefer the Skypia outfit, but the Strong World Nami is a better quality figure. I think the two compliment each other well. In the front right we have the Megahouse Mild figure, that outfit is Nami’s original season 1 outfit. The front middle is the Megahouse figure of Nami as a child. On the front left is the 10th anniversary trading figure, the outfit is from the Thriller Bark story arc. For One Piece figures I own the most of Luffy, followed by Zoro, and then Nami. The original 3 characters introduced in the series are still (by far) my favorites. Although Nami was the very first person Luffy tried recruiting she didn’t officially accept being a member of the crew until her town was saved. You could argue that she is technically the 5th member of the crew since she was faking her membership up until then, but I personally see her as the third member after Luffy and Zoro. Zoro accepted being part of Luffy’s crew before Nami tentatively accepted the offer.