Zoro is an awesome character, definitely one of my all time favorites. I’m buying BOTH Strong Versions of him being released, I don’t care that he’s the only one I’ll have doubles of from this set! The more Zoro the better! Of the two Zoro figures being released I think I’ll end up liking Version 2 the best. Why Version 2? Simply because it’s Zoro in a tuxedo! When I first started collecting figures the Skypia Megahouse Zoro was one of my most wanted figures, I was ecstatic when they had an improved re-release. Although of the One Piece Strong set I’d say Zoro Ver. 2 and Ver. 1 place #2 and #3 on my MUST HAVE list for this set. My #1 desired figure is the Luffy that I’ll be reviewing next time!

What really sealed the deal on my love of this character was the voice of his Japanese seiyu, most badass male voice in anime (so far) for me. His angry reactions to everything ridiculous the crew does almost always gets a chuckle out of me. Zoro is straight forward and simple minded. Although Luffy and Zoro’s temperaments are completely different, Zoro is probably the character that resembles Luffy’s personality the closest. I find his ability to get lost under any circumstances a completely lovable trait. I also like that he fights with three swords a lot, when I first read his description I really couldn’t imagine making fighting with a sword in your mouth looking good, but Oda pulled it off.

Zoro always looks pretty mean in his figures, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon unless someone does a figure of him napping. I wouldn’t mind having a figure of a sleeping swordsman leaning up against a wall. I can’t see myself even buying a figure of him smiling  even if one was made. He usually either has a serious face or an angry face in the series.

In this figure we can see Zoro’s scar from when he encountered his chosen swordsman rival Mihawk. Although everyone on the crew gets beat up pretty badly, Zoro seems like he comes out of his fights the most roughed up. He really should probably be dead by now, but hey it’s anime! And that just makes him all the more badass. BUT that isn’t to say that Luffy doesn’t sustain the most damage after fights, Zoro is just the one that looks the most damaged. The Thriller Bark story arc clearly showed the difference in damage Luffy takes on in comparison to everyone else. I’d love a Megahouse figure of Zoro in an outfit where we can see the whole scar, but I think the only time he wore an outfit that accomplished that was the open red/white pinstripped shirt.

I’m definitely wondering if there is a story behind this bandana he’s sporting. It actually took me a moment to realize that you probably don’t display him with the bandana on his head and on his arm at once. That it’s probably supposed to be the same bandana and he just throws it on his head when fighting? BAH! I hate having to guess these things! Strong World hurry up and release to DVD/Blu-Ray! Also, no one can say that Zoro doesn’t have an eye for matching his outfits. If you get a new maroon bandanna he obviously needed a matching backpack  to pull it off!

This figure of Zoro is on entire different level from the first one in terms of quality. All the details put into his swords alone make this figure worthwhile for Zoro fans. They can all be drawn from their sheaths and are a wonderful representation of Wadō Ichimonji, Shuusui, and Sandai Kitetsu. Each sword has it’s own story, and I’m really happy to see all the details about them so accurately represented.

Here is my Zoro army! In the front right we have the Megahouse figure of Zoro as a child, in the middle is the Megahouse Mild figure, and on the front left is the 10th anniversary trading figure. In the back left is the Megahouse Skypiea Zoro. I really like Zoro’s Skypiea outfit, it’s probably my favorite outfit Zoro has worn. Like I said before I hope to soon add another Megahouse Zoro to the gang! My figure collection is slowly but surely being taken over by One Piece. Even though I’m REALLY cutting back on how many figures I order, a well done One Piece figure always makes the cut over others. I just can’t resist buying them! One Piece is probably my all time favorite show, I really enjoy watching it.