At long last! My #1 desired One Piece figure! I love this figure of Luffy, it has an awesome presence. The moment I saw this open for pre-order it was immediately dropped in my cart, there was no way I was skipping him. He’ll soon be standing proudly in front of his entire Strong Edition crew! My next haul post will contain a few waves of releases of the crew. I haven’t gotten around to taking those photos because my entire figure/manga room is in disarray with my recent figure sales. Also, for some reason I don’t think I did the lighting too well on the Luffy shoot, oh well, I’ll try and do better next time.

The original Megahouse Luffy is true to Luffy’s look for most of the series, but this new Luffy is in every regard my favorite. The quality is much better, and even though his outfit isn’t “classic” Luffy, it’s way too badass for me to ignore. Also maybe I just have a weak spot for figures of men in ties? But it was probably the Captain’s Coat that gave this figure such a commanding presence. The figure is a bit poseable too, Luffy’s right arm can be adjusted at different angles at the elbow. But I think the gun looks better being held at Luffy’s feet than being held over his head.

I’ll admit that it’s difficult to put his hat on Luffy’s head at an angle that looks good. I mean sure I can pose him with his hat in his hand, but there is no way I’d pick him holding his hat over that awesome gun. I also can’t just not include the hat, Luffy is almost always with his hat! So it’s laying at his feet in my collection right now. But even if the hat fit in snuggly I’d probably opt to leave it off his head. So I guess for me, that one con is moot. I REALLY like how he looks holding the hat over his head, but if I did this pose the gun would have to lay at his feet. And that gun is too beautiful just to lay at his feet.

I’d really like it if the next 1/8 scale Luffy figure by Megahouse was of him doing a nice big smile. The reasons why Luffy’s serious face has such an impact is because throughout most of the series Luffy has a wonderfully cheerful grin. The smile usually only drops off when he is battling, or when someone he cares for is in danger. Above is my entire Luffy Collection, the Luffy in the back left is actually a coin bank, Strong Edition Luffy (Megahouse), Luffy (Megahouse). In the middle is the Grandline Men Luffy (Banpresto). In the front is Mild Luffy (Megahouse), Luffy 10th Anniversary (Banpresto), and Kid Luffy (Megahouse). I’d love the smile on the Luffy Kid figure on an adult Luffy figure.