My Nintendo DS Lite was a WONDERFUL birthday gift that I received 3 years ago. One of the games I received with my first DS was Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime, I raised an eyebrow at the choice and focused on the other 2 games I received. Now here I am on a DS XL all this time later, and for the hell of it I finally pick up this game. From the moment I started it I was hooked, I completed this game in a few days. That’s probably slow for the serious gamers out there, but for someone who plays video games as casually as I do, that’s really fast. 

This game doesn’t have much for plot, the Plob attack your city (Boinburg) and kidnap everyone but you. You have to run around the country and rescue your entire city which consists of 100 slimes. Each slime is trapped in a treasure chest in the dungeons. To rescue some slimes you need to defeat a member of the plog in a tank battle using the Schleiman Tank. Boss battles usually free a member of Slime Royalty. The simple plot premise is fine by me, I’m into this game for the tank battles, cheerful environment, and to collect everything!  

The largest con about this game is that it’s fairly easy. You’re given a considerable amount of health, and there are many opportunities to jump on the tracks and go back home to heal. The tank battles typically gave you opponents that were easy to beat as well. There is only really one “rival” during the game that is a challenge. But the tank battles were so much fun I didn’t mind, I just made trying to have a perfect battle my goal. Also, after you defeat the game harder tank battles open up. When it comes to exploring the dungeons in this game, there really weren’t any particularly difficult puzzles.  Just make sure you enter every area of the map, and interact with every moveable object you see. You’ll probably discover everything you need to without issue. AND even if you do miss something each level has a “To Do” list that shows you how many slimes, items, and monster you have left to collect. So if you miss something, you don’t have to go through the entire game trying to figure out where you missed it. Each slime you rescue will also give hints on what to do next.

This is my first Dragonquest game and I REALLY enjoyed myself, it was almost exactly what I was looking for at the time when I picked it up. I loved collecting items, a crew, and creating ammunition for my tank. The cheerful colors and characters were great. The only thing I would change would be to make it a bit more difficult for the older gamers. If this game has a well rated sequel, I’ll definitely buy it. And this time I won’t take 3 years to finally getting around to playing it.