Plot Summary
This series is about a 24 year old woman named Shigeta that obsesses over finding a boyfriend to the point where its taken over her life. But when it comes to men, she has exceedingly poor judgment, first and foremost the man HAS to be attractive, and seemingly unobtainable at first. After that criteria is met they also should be rich and have a good personality. But more often than not the guy of her choice only meets the goal of being attractive. This series follows her as she goes through many men and many jobs.

I cannot relate to a single character from this series, they all are either incredibly selfish, or completely weak and overly accommodating. After enjoying Suppli a lot I was in the market to find myself another josei series. Even though I haven’t loved every josei story I’ve ever picked up, I usually at least enjoyed them. That is, until now. I really didn’t like the series, it’s actually kind of silly of me to have bothered reading this series to the end. But I kept hoping that the characters would mature and realize what will make life better for themselves. But now I realize the whole point of this series is just to live your life irresponsibly and acting on every spontaneous whim despite the pain it causes yourself and those around you.

The worst part is the character that is the most annoying is the main character, Shigeta. If there is a choice between something that may result in her actually achieving her goals, and something completely selfish/stupid she always chooses the latter with a smile on her face. I can usually get behind and laugh with characters that live spontaneous lives (ex: Onizuka from GTO), but that’s usually if they are “man” enough to deal with the consequences. But this woman gets incredibly sad when her decisions blow up in her face, and she wants to blame her misery on everyone else. I find her character weaknesses revolting.

This series certainly isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely not for me. No offense is meant to those that may have enjoyed the Happy Mania ride. But I will say this series is at the very least…unique. I also liked that Shigeta’s friend pointed out to her that the reason why she is so miserable is probably because she loves being the victim and unknowingly makes decisions to ensure that she remains pitiable (not that Shigeta evolved any after hearing the cold truth).

(WARNING: This is a mature series that has generous doses of nudity)