I’m already pretty slow to update my blog, but I have about half a dozen almost completed posts that aren’t going up. Why is this? Well after enjoying Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime so much I pulled Dragon Quest IX off my shelf, unwrapped it, and started playing. The end. That’s what the majority of my free time goes to now. Its been a long time since I’ve played a game where the characters are silent and can be named to whatever I wish, I kind of miss those days. The plot is fairly straightforward and simple so far. I really like is that battles aren’t random encounters, I can see the enemy and choose whether or not I want to battle them. The first game I ever played a game where I had this option was Chrono Cross and I LOVED having that option. I liked that I knew I was about to enter battle rather than just having my characters randomly freeze and the screen shift into batle mode.

Although I don’t have much free time, so I don’t think I have many hours logged in. I’m at about level 16 on my party on my first class choices. I just got to the point where the characters can change their classes which has me really excited. My Healer (Sakura) can ONLY heal, she is a great asset in boss battles, but when it comes to mob battles she is fairly useless. Whereas my Martial Artist (Zidane) carries the whole party through all the routine fights. My Mage (Kyo) does decent damage, but he easily runs out of MP so I have to conserve what spells I have him do if I don’t want to have to go back to town to stay in an inn. So NOW thankfully I can at least give Sakura a class (Minstrel) that allows her to do damage in battle, and heal enough for when I’m running around the map. When I get to fight a boss battle I can change her back to a healer for that dungeon. This is going to make the battles a lot more fun for me. Plus my character (Clare) can stop being a minstrel and change to Warrior. I have to spend 12 hours on a plane this weekend, so I’m really happy I found a game I enjoy this much before then. I’ve also just purchased Dragon Quest IV ($25) and Dargon Quest V($37), I had Amazon video game promotional credits and some gift cards that covered the costs :) I look forward to fully diving into the entire Dragon Quest series.

Does anyone else play Dragon Quest IX? How are you liking it so far?

Also speaking of dragons I finally watched How to Train Your Dragon. I pre-ordered it on blu-ray despite the fact that I had never seen it before. Because it was SO highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, I figured that I may as well buy it because there is a REALLY good chance I’ll love it. And I did love it. I admired the designs of the dragons and the way the characters interacted with one another. It’s a wonderful movie :) but I’m sure to most of you that’s old news.

I wasn’t planning on seriously considering buying the 3DS for a while, that is until they announced a Layton and Phoenix Wright crossover game for it!! AHHHHHH!! My two greatest DS weaknesses! That’s so great! But at the same time I worry about what a 3DS will cost, and may have to hold off buying one until there is a price drop. Currently I have very little intentions of trading in my beloved DSi XL for the 3DS, but we’ll see.