I can’t exactly remember how I found out about the manga 7 Billion Needles…I believe I read an article somewhere and saw a horror manga series that was “recommended”? That was all I had to know before I ordered volume 1, and pre-ordered the rest that were available. I’m always willing to take a chance on a potentially good horror manga series. I can’t find too much information about 7 Billion Needles besides reviews of volume 1 . This may be due to this series being inspired by a novel called Needle. But this first volume left me wanting the rest of my order sooner! It’s a great combination of the Horror and Coming of Age genres.

“On a clear calm night, while on a class trip to the beach, Hikaru Takabe decides to go for a walk to escape the shackles of school and peer pressure. While observing the stars above a calm dark sea in an instant she is disintegrated when struck by a meteor.”~Guy on Amazon

The opening was really unique and confusing, and I loved it. I enjoyed watching Hikaru as she tries to piece together these strange events. Hikaru is a well designed main character that is like no other character I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I’ve read a lot of series with “lone wolfs” in them before, but the feeling of being unable to communicate with others never felt so genuine in a manga until now. I want to know more about Hikaru and understand the events that resulted in her cutting herself off from others.

The art style is realistic (for manga) that is full of detail and really grabs me. The series remind me a bit of Parasyte so far, but the art style of this series is definitely superior when it comes to the designs of its humans. Currently I’m under the impression that this series consists of 4 volumes, because that’s all I could pre-order up to and I could only find images of 4 volume covers. The fact that it may be a short series actually attracts me to it even more. As much as I love a long, involved, and detailed series, it’s the ones that amaze me in 5 volumes or less that often end up leaving the most impact on me.

I look forward to seeing where 7  Billion Needles ends.