I was only aware of the title of this series and the fact that it’s a shonen anime/manga for about 3 years now. Despite knowing so little it’s a series that was mentioned a lot on the forums. So I planned to watch it at some point, but I already had so many shonen series on my plate that I just didn’t seem to have the energy to start another long running series. But then I hit an uncomfortable place in Detective Conan, I’m 200+ episodes in but I can’t find every episode I need subbed in the episode range I’m in. So I did a tearful hard stop on that series until I can sit down and figure out how I’m going to see every episode. But in the meantime…I finally started Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

My first thought about this series that it was definitely a unique premise…a baby Hitman teaching a middle school student how to be a Mafia boss. Initially I was watching this series little by little and unsure of how much I liked it. But each time I sat down to watch the series I either watched a little more in that sitting than the last…or the days between viewings was shorter. Two nights ago I feel like I hit the first milestone in the series…the beginning of the first round of fighting. Now I watch at least a few episodes every other day and I’m at around episode 25. I’m hoping that this will be a series where the more I watch, the more I enjoy. I fully admit I had to muscle throgh the first dozen or so episodes, but now that I’m past that point I appreciate how long this series is taking to introduce everyone and show all their carefree wacky antics.

My favorite part of this series is ABSOLUTELY Lambo (the kid in the cow suit). I have to admit it wasn’t love at first sight, but somehow his overreactions and crazy little mocking laugh and tone of speaking have me addicted. If little Lambo is on screen, I’m probably smiling. After Lambo my next favorite is Yamamato, I love how (seemingly?) naive he is. His laugh is really cheerful and makes amusing moments even funnier. As for the main guy Tsuna, I’m getting used to him. I almost feel like I haven’t made a decision about him yet still. I feel just as confused about why he was made the lead character, as how Tsuna himself is confused by why he was was chosen as a mafia boss. I feel like he’ll grow on me more, because I definitely like his new fighting style using the items Reborn gave him.

I’m not entirely sold on most of the female characters yet, I think I only really care for Ipin (the Chinese character with the funny head). But Haru is probably next in line after that, she is cute and I have no complaints about her personality. I like that sometimes her humor is as wacky as the rest of the group. Currently the character that is the object of Tsuna’s admiration (Kyoko) is a bit too much of a plain vanilla character for me. Maybe that will change in time, but for now I wouldn’t mind if she disappeared from the show.

If you like Shonen I don’t see any reason to pass up this series from what I’ve seen so far (that is unless you’re trying to choose between One Piece and Katekyo Hitman Reborn). I feel like this series is only going to get better and I wouldn’t be surprised if it became my 3rd favorite currently ongoing Shonen anime (#1 One Piece #2 Fairy Tail). So we’ll see where this hitman journey goes.