As I was unpacking and finding homes for the figures in the Built Up Haul Parts I and II, another haul built up. Maybe someday I’ll be up to date on my new goodies but it’s kind of more fun posting them all at once. Bottom to top, and left to right I have Animation Black Rock Shooter (GSC), Yukata Rei (Kotobukiya), Kakashi (Megahouse), Metis (Figma), Hetalia volume 2 (Kotobukiya), Luffy (Megahouse), Ace (Megahouse), Asuka (Alter), and Figuarts Luffy (Bandai). Almost all of these figures have found a nice place on my shelves. I’m just stuck on the best place to put my Hetalia figures. I also haven’t found a place for my Figuarts Luffy yet, why? Because I don’t really like how he looks, the outline of his lips makes it look like he has on lipstick. I believe this will be my last Figuarts figure. I guess my Boa Hancock Figuarts pre-order being cancelled was a blessing in disguise.

ALSO, remember I was bummed over the lack of a star on the jacket of Black Rock Shooter? The sticker I was given was pretty easy to position and attach. The stickers were adhesive enough to stay once I found the right  spot, but also could easily be pulled off without leaving residue. We’ll see if it stays on her well over time. I should note that animation BRS is by far the hardest PVC figure I’ve ever had to assemble. I was quite nervous and tried to be as controlled as possible when setting up her chains. I kept picturing those delicate little pegs breaking in my clumsy fingers. But everything worked out great, and I re-arranged my shelf of favorites to find her a nice spot. Rei joined a group of yukata wearing figures. Although I don’t believe Kobato’s outfit is a yukata specifically, it’s still traditional looking Japanese attire. Perhaps I should put my Kagami/Tsukasa Miko figures by them too, although you wouldn’t wear a yukata on the new years…hhmmm. Well I took a few pictures of my haul and put them below. There is also the E2046 Gathering Sailor Moon pictured below (she wasn’t in the haul picture above).

What I’ve been reading/watching/playing Update

I recently read The Name of the Flower and really loved it, I may get to a review on it sometime. But I’ll just say I think the art was gorgeous and the story was touching. I guess I’ve been in the mood for shoujo lately because I started Sensual Phrase soon after, it’s not bad so far but I’m sensing that intense drama must happen over the next 10 volumes. Hopefully it will be entertaining drama and not the kind that makes me pissed off at all the characters. I also read the first volume of The Stellar Six, I like it but it’s not as good as I thought it was going to be so far.


I started playing Theresia, I like how dark it is. But I usually play DS in the car…and walking through the hallways in that game gave me a headache quickly. Usually I’m not the type to get headaches from reading or playing games while in the car but this one really did me in. I’ve switched over to Dragon Quest V for now, but I have every intention of finishing Theresia at some point. So far I think Dragon Quest V has a really great plot, everything the hero has to overcome seems more unique than your typical RPG. I also happen to be slowly re-watching Lucky Star and noticed that they reference Dragon Quest V in one of the first few episodes. Man, I love Lucky Star. Every time I watch it I understand some jokes better than before. Although I finally googled the “Timotei” joke, no amount of anime/video games would have helped me in figuring that one out.


Now that I’m done streaming Avatar: the last Airbender the boyfriend and I have moved onto Firefly and Veronica Mars. Firefly is a fun show, but it’s difficult to be excited about it when I know the “ending” is just going to let me down. I’m surprised at how much we like Veronica Mars, I wasn’t expecting to be as fond of that show as I was. I used to read Nancy Drew all the time as a kid and Veronica Mars reminds me of her a bit…although with a bit more sarcasm and drama. I’m still in the first season, I watch 1-2 episodes every other day or so. Currently…I have no bets on who the murderer is, I’m just not sure.  My most recent Netflix blu-ray was Kick-Ass and it was AWESOME!! Hit Girl really made that whole movie. I can’t wait to see the second one, and I’m considering reading the comic sometime soon. I hear I get to know a few characters a lot better if I read the comic.