There isn’t a whole lot worth talking about in a collection update, but I rambled for a bit in this post anyway. This is mostly just to post a few of the pictures of figures from the updated display. For complete pictures of everything in my collection go here, I didn’t want to load down this post with too many thumbnails that most visitors wouldn’t have the time to enlarge anyway. The written part of this post will just be answering questions that people have asked me in the past and questions I think might be asked:

(Q) What have you changed since the last update?

(A) I’ve added more shelves and boxed up a lot of my older manga series so I have more room for figure growth. I put a lot of manga in the closet in this room and in the guest bedroom. I also recently finished selling off a lot of figures from my collection. I sometimes get to a point where I’ve kind of grown away from some figures and want to sell them so I can buy something current that I’m more interested in. I don’t grow apart from all older figures though. I still have a lot of old figures in this collection that will probably stay with me until the day I die, or am put into a situation where I need to sell off the whole collection.  

(Q) Why don’t you use Detolf Ikea display cases?

(A) I don’t care for them. I know many figure collectors swear by them but I find their total height too short, and the spacing between each shelf too high. I really wouldn’t be able to fit my entire collection into a row of Detolf Cases conveniently. Glass cases that match my desires tend to be quite pricey so I opted for these cheap white shelves from Home Depot. The bookcases were $10 -$20 each either off of Craigslist.

(Q) Isn’t dusting all this a pain?

(A) I rarely need to dust, and when I do I use condensed air. Even though my home is filled with pets, this room is closed off from the rest of the house at all times. Also we don’t have any carpets that collect a lot of dander and such. I used to have my figures in a carpeted room and the 6 or so figures on my bottom bookshelves were a nightmare to keep up with dusting. This collection has been easy maintenance for me.

(Q) Why bright orange?

(A) When we purchased a home we painted each room a nice neutral color because we intend on re-selling it for a profit in the next few years. So when it got time to paint the figure room we were sick of playing it safe and decided to have some fun with it. I mean it IS a room filled with toys and comics, there is no need to have a serious wall color. The orange walls and the white shelves make the room feel like a big creamsicle :)  When I walk into the room I feel rejuvenated by the colors (and my collection). But I fully admit that this color on the walls makes the lighting for pictures of my shelves a bit funky. 

(Q) When you sell your home what are you going to do about this room?

(A) Unfortunately I’ll box everything up and put it into temporary storage so we can stage this room as a child’s bedroom. Homes sometimes don’t sell for the silliest reasons, and I’m not about to worry I’m shrinking our profit margin by being stubborn about displaying my collection. But I do admit…if I left everything up I certainly would make it so my home is one of the most memorable to view during a tour.

(Q) Do you keep your figure boxes?

(A) Yes. They’re all in bins in the attic. The attic seems to be a good place for them, they’re some of the few items where extreme heat/cold doesn’t affect them since they’re just some empty boxes. Although the platform we made in the attic is almost full :( It’s important to me that I keep the boxes because it helps with re-sale value and when moving.

(Q) Isn’t it a pain having all those figure in front of your manga?

(A) I’m strategic about which series I put a lot of figures in front of. The shelves with the most figures tend to be filled with completed or long running series that I’m caught up on. Either that or a series I’ve lost interest in and haven’t bought a new volume of in a while. As a result I don’t need to access the manga on those shelves much. Sometimes I have to move a lot around when I forget where a shorter manga series is though, but usually that’s just me going through the top layer of manga on the deeper bookcases. 

(Q) Will you always have a room like this?

(A) I hope so, but I have no idea what life will throw at me. If I have kids and can’t move to a bigger home someday I can’t throw them all into one bedroom so “mommy” can have a toy room. If I ever had to say goodbye to an entire room dedicated to my hobbies I’d sell off the most of the figures and buy one large glass case for whatever I chose to keep. The majority of my manga would likely go into storage in the basement.

(Q) What does your family think of this room?

(A) Both my parents have no idea this room is like this, neither one has seen this room since I first moved into my home. I’m actually a bit curious about what they’ll say/do when they see it someday. They’re aware of my hobbies but I don’t think either one realizes that I’ve only gotten “worse” since high school. My sister casually likes anime/manga these days and doesn’t mind the room. Although her priorities have changed since we were both obsessed with Sailor Moon, if she had a full time job she’d probably definitely buy a lot more clothing instead of figures and manga. The only time it feels a bit weird is when my boyfriend’s family goes into the room. Ugh I’m still cringing over the time his sweet mom pointed at Franky (Megahouse) and told me he was interesting (as a well meant compliment). Of all the figures for her eyes to fall on it had to be the one with a Speedo with a bulge. Dammnit Franky you’re an awesome character but your pervy outfit made a very embarrassing moment for me.

(Q) How does you significant other deal with this room

(A) It’s not his thing, he would prefer I save my money but he understands how much of my life has been guided by my hobbies. And as a result my hobbies are also what guided me to him. He’s very supportive and helped me with the painting and shelves. He has his own nerdish quirks and we compliment each other well. He is extremely fond of my Haruhi bunny gang, they’re the only figures he’ll say he likes.

(Q) Your life has been guided by your hobbies?

(A) Yes, I got a job as soon as I was at the legal age to work (15) and haven’t stopped working since. I did this to be able to afford reading manga and watching anime. To be honest I partially chose my career path because it was something I didn’t mind (that I was capable of) that would provide me with enough money to support my hobby. I know that part sounds crazy, but I love Japan, anime, manga, video games, and figures a lot. I had no desire to get a career in my hobbies because it would likely make me too poor to afford everything. Basically…I’m greedy and have a strong desire to be self sufficient. 

(Q) Your collection seems rated PG-13

(A) Ya, I don’t usually care for ero figures. I’m a fan of strong female characters, but I like them to look sexy without looking slutty. It’s hard to describe what I consider slutty vs. not, it’s a case by case situation. For example Yoko is barely covered up in most of her figures, but there are figures of women with more clothing on that I consider far more cheap looking. Am I prude? Maybe but I have no issues with the existence of ero figures, they’re just not my personal cup of tea.

(Q) Which do you prefer, figures or manga?

(A) I prefer manga, if I had to pick one of all my hobbies it would be manga. Most of these figures would mean nothing to me if I didn’t know the stories behind the characters.

(Q) Why do you buy so much manga?

(A) I like having a book in my hands and a lot of scanlations have low quality translations/images. But I also read manga online, I just make sure to buy what I read online when it becomes available. I think I’d wither up and float away if I couldn’t get my monthy chapter updates for a few of my series. Someday all this manga may only be worth the paper it’s printed on, but I really love these stories so that risk is worth it to me. I’m not really the type that gets on a soap box and tells everyone to go out and buy stuff officially,  I just personally want the original mangaka to get some profit from my enjoyment.

(Q) How long have you been collecting?

(A) I’ve collected figures since 2007 (senior year of college) and I’ve been collecting manga since 1997 (7th grade). In the beginning I collected each at a slow painful rate, I waitressed my ass off for my possessions. Collecting has become MUCH easier now that I’m out of college with a salary and a place to put everything.

(Q) How many manga and figures do you have?

(A) I’m at 2400+ volumes of manga and 180+ scaled figures 35+ prize figures and 30+ poseable figures (Figmas, Nendoroids, Revoltechs). I also have a fair amount of smaller figures like petit nendos, trading figures, etc… I try to keep my collection up to date on Just Manga and Tsuki Board but lots of items fall through the cracks.

(Q) What are you favorite figures and manga series?

(A) AAAHHHHH! I hate this question, every time someone asks me this I draw a blank. I like so many different figures/manga series for different reasons and it feels like I’m trying to compare apples to oranges. But for figures in terms of beauty I’ll say that I think Gwendolyn (Alter) is the winner. But I wouldn’t say that automatically makes her my favorite. For manga…certain series are my favorite at certain times in my life. Currently though the two series that make me act the most desperate are Skip Beat! and The Kindaichi Case Files.

(Q) What do you like to see in your figures?

(A) Weapons, Wings, Kimonos/Yukatas, Dynamic Poses, and Flowing Hair. I don’t think I have any figures that meet all the criteria above. Also with regard to weapons…the more and the bigger the BETTER!

(Q) So you like One Piece?

(A) YES!! YES!! I like it very much. I have a weakness for figures of the main crew. There are also occasionally characters outside the crew that I want figures of. I’m REALLY fond of my Crocodile figure. I’d also love to have some Fairy Tail figures someday (*hint* *hint* Megahouse).

(Q) What the heck are those? (see picture above)

(A) They’re Pullips, it’s a line of dolls that happen to have a lot of characters based on anime series. I like Pullip dolls a lot but quickly realized two was more than enough for me. If you happen to know about Pullips the one on the left (Quinn) is a re-wigged Hello Kitty Pullip and on the right (Eve) is an obitsu’d, re-wigged, re-chipped Prunella Pullip. I have a few wigs and outfits for them but I really love the Yukata and Kimono they have on now and can’t bring myself to change them out of it. My boyfriend hates all dolls and these freak him out, but I keep them out of his way so there’s no harm :)