Usually I don’t post about figures that were ALMOST a pre-order…but I’ve wrestled over getting this figure ever since I saw the unpainted model next to the fully colored sketch. I’m a HUGE fan of the character designs that Tony Taka does for the Shining series AND the thought of traditionally dressed Alter figures sends excited shivers down my spine. This figure has so many aspects that I worship that I’m still kind of in shock that I’m not getting her. But basically the issue is I saw her preview images and wanted to love her very much, but I can’t get over that pose. I’ve always enjoyed that Alter gives characters unique poses separate from any illustrations, but I really don’t like this one, it seems awkward. I see the pros of choosing such a pose though, her beautiful robes can flare in a certain way and look natural. This pose may also be true to the personality of this character, which would make it an appropriate choice. But at the same time the robes I adore so much don’t seem to be the focus of the figure as much as her exposed legs and the torrent of water between them.

Even though I’ve decided not to get her, in the back of my mind there is a nagging thought that in real life she will blow me away completely. In the past when I didn’t think my pre-orders through so well there were some pleasant surprises. Figures I pre-ordered JUST to complete a set…ended up being one of my favorites of the set once I laid eyes on them in person. And lets face it, if that’s the case with Houmei my chances of finding her at a decent price after release don’t feel so good. And Alter doesn’t do re-releases all that often, although there are exceptions (ex: Gwen, Mercedes, KOS-MOS). So I admit, even though I’m telling myself the firm answer is no…I’m a bit on the fence on her still. I think the last time I was so torn over a figure was over Alter’s Dizzy. Although in the end I pre-ordered Dizzy for those elaborate wings that are the focal point of the figure. 

Well I look forward to seeing images of all those who completely love Houmei and receive her. And I want a burning question answered…is she wearing underwear? I don’t see any signs of a strap, but then again her hair is partially blocking the view. I looked up a few Tony Taka images of her and it seems she occasionally sports a fish tail? If that’s the case I can completely see why she is bare bottomed and so calm about such a risky pose for such a beautiful young girl. If she is going commando that water must be extremely refreshing for her :)