All these items came separate so I combined them all into one haul post. Sanji (SEGA), Silvers Rayleigh (SEGA), Yuri (Alter) and the Black/White Edition of Frankie. I was lucky to get this figure of Silvers Rayleigh, I’m not collecting ALL the Grandline Men (SEGA Prize series) but I really wanted a small figure of this awesome character. Yuri is from the game Tales of Vesperia which I still haven’t been able to play yet, I’m still waiting for a PS3 port. BUT I really like the figures of the men for this game, I hope when I play the game the characters live up to my expectations/hopes. Currently my favorite Tales character is Jade from Tales of the Abyss. I was planning on having my Monster High Frankie stay boxed up when displayed. Unfortunately her guitar came loose and is floating around in the box. I’m debating opening her just enough to slide the guitar back into place now, or just displaying her out of the box. Currently this black/white Frankie is my only Monster High doll but I think they’re all awesome. If I were a kid again I’d have LOVED to collect these over Barbies. A while after I took these pictures my Boa Hancock (Megahouse) arrived. She probably won’t get her picture into a haul post because I plan on unboxing her this weekend and displaying her. BUT I’ll post my entire collection soon, so she can be in those pictures.

Other random updates…

For TV I recently started watching Modern Family, I can’t wait for disc 2 to arrive from Netflix :) I’ve also finally started catching up on this past season’s Big Bang Theory, this season is more entertaining than I thought it would be. Veronica Mars is also going strong, I’m a good chunk of the way through season 3. As for anime I finally watched Evangelion 1.11 on blu-ray…I loved it way more than I thought I would. To be honest my memory of the Evangelion TV Series is a bit vague on the details so it’s really nice to re-experience everything. Oh yes, I’ve also caught up in Fairy Tail. It continues to entertain and has my favorite anime battle music of all time. I feel like getting up and doing an Irish battle jig when I hear it.

I had started A Drifting Classroom, even though it was entertaining I felt more in the mood for something lighter so I ended up reading everything I had of Gakuen Alice and Sugar Sugar Rune. AND if that wasn’t enough super girlie manga I’ve also started V.B Rose, I love the clothing style in this series. Although I think after I finish what I have of V.B. Rose I’ll turn back to A Drifting Classroom and Future Diary. But we’ll see what I’m in the mood for when the time comes.