It’s that time of the year, where some lucky workers get a bit of extra income 😉 I’m doing some responsible (boring) things with my tax return and bonus. The tax return was enough to fix up the bathroom, and the bonus was to pay off the rest of my car and my credit card. BUT I decided what the heck, I’ll have a bit of fun too so I pre-ordered a few items I originally passed on. If you’re curious, last year my bonus treat was my set of Aria figures. When Saber/Rin were announced I liked their peaceful faces and their pricetag. I used to collect every Saber figure but I began really running out of space and decided to just leave my Saber collection at 3-4 figures of her in armor. But Aka made a good point, these ladies don’t look like they take up too much space if that’s what’s stopping me. As for Houmei I admitted I was on the fence on it when I decided against her, and it was nagging at me that I might regret passing on her. I realized I really want to see her in real life and not just in pictures. 

Oh also I also recently purchased the GSC Hitagi, but I would have purchased her regardless of having extra cash. I passed on the GSC Hitagi despite liking her a lot because I was expecting to like Alter’s a lot more. But the painted images were released and the Alter one didn’t wow me like I was expecting. I went to Hobby Search to see if she was still in stock and she was on sale at 40% off! I used my points to pay for the shipping so this beauty only cost me around $60 total. This is definitely one situation where originally passing on her really worked out well for me in the end. These figures are certainly not the first time I’ve gone back on a passed figure 😉 and I doubt they’ll be the last.

How frequently do you guys go back and order an item you originally passed on? I tend to be a bit spontaneous so it happens often for me. 

I seriously thought over putting in for Beatrice in the Dollfie Dream lottery. It was certainly a roller coaster ride of changing my mind back and forth for a week. The last Dollfie Dream that really grabbed my attention was Saber Lily, but I didn’t even let myself consider getting her when I saw the pricetag. When I saw Beatrice my reaction was different, my mind immediately went to calculating if I could comfortably afford her. The lovely outfit grabbed my eye and when I looked at her face…I decided I liked the calm smiling expression a lot. My biggest concern was the potential for staining, but after talking to a lot of collectors and thinking over how I want to display her most of the time I decided this is something I want to do. So I’ve put in for the lottery, we’ll wait and see if I’ve won the right to buy her :)  If I don’t win her through VolksUSA I won’t pursue her 2nd hand, I have no desire to pay a middle man any extra money on a Dollfie Dream. It’s MSRP or bust on Dollfies for me.