Looks like Boa Hancock (Megahouse) managed to make it into one of my haul posts. She arrived a day after my last haul pictures were taken, I figured she wouldn’t make it into a post due to timing but tah-dah! Her amazing beauty was too much to ever be passed over in a post, too bad all the pictures I took of her out of box look terrible. Boa Hancock wins as the MOST un-annoying female in shonen that has romantic potential with the main character. My boyfriend and I were recently discussing how much we usually dislike the token girlfriend/romantic interest of shonen heroes. This topic was inspired by our dislike of Kyoko-chan in Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. We both infinitely prefer Haru at this point because Kyoko is painfully uninteresting. But who knows how we’ll feel at the end of the series, she has 120 episode to change our minds.

I’ve been really excited about the One Piece Desktop McKoy (Megouse), but it’s a bit awkward to assemble. When you go to put the cape on Luffy it leaves black streaks on his arms, and doesn’t really lay as flat on his shoulders as the prototype picture suggests. Also, that hat does NOT fit into the peg hole that it was supposed to insert into, but it’s easy enough to balance using the collar of the cape. It was also difficult to get the sword in Zoro’s hand, and Chopper has noticeable seam lines. It’s been a LONG time since its been this difficult for me to assmeble a Megahouse figure. But overall it’s a bold One Piece figure that still looks great and I don’t regret the purchase. I’d like to encourage Megahouse to continue making figures that combine multiple characters from a series! My Lucky Star (Sega) prize figure cosplay collection continues to grow :) but why couldn’t they put Tsukasa in a different cosplay outfit than their Konata release? I’d have liked to see her as a Vocaloid character (to match Kagami). Perhaps Kato since her hair is so short? They also completely changed the bases from the previous cosplay release too. I’m a bit bummed at how inconsistent SEGA seems to be with their prize figures, but I have no regrets on my purchase, although I’m going to display Tsukasa and Miyuki separate from Kagami and Konata because of the differences. They’re still cheap and cute figures of characters I love.

Tooko (Good Smile Company) is a damn cutie, I ALMOST pre-ordered her just based on her adorableness without knowing the character. I’ve honestly never seen the two braids hairstyle look so wonderful on any other character. Even though I originally passed on her due to not knowing the character I read a post on the series she is from on Nopy’s blog and immediately liked her character. I’m determined to watch the anime now and I’ve started the light novels. I managed to still find her in stock at BBTS. When I was easily posing Tooko in a sitting position I was thinking about how Nendoroids have come such a long way since I first angrily wrestled to balance my Light and L nendoroids.

Here is my newest manga! Anyone else reading any of these series too? Bunny Drop volume 3 arrived 30 minutes after I snapped this photo. Bunny Drop is one of the few series where I drop everything the moment a new volume arrives. I look forward to reading more Fallen Vampire, I got the first three volumes to try out the series and liked what I saw. After I read what I had of Fallen Vampire I started reading Spiral (by the same mangaka) but I haven’t really gotten into the story yet. Spiral is almost what I want…but not quite there, perhaps if I read more I’ll fall for it. I’ve also started reading Geijutsuka Art Design Class (by the same mangaka as Shoulder – A – Coffin Kuro) and I don’t care for it as much as the other series. Lately I’ve also been trying to catch up on reading my pile of unread OtakuUSA magazines. I’ll post a quick look at the Shunya Yamashita art book One Voice next time.