This post could be considered NSFW, there are a few illustrations that are a bit risky. Two of them show a bit of bum crack lol.

So here we are! My newest Shunya Yamashita art book, One Voice. I admit my pictures didn’t come out all that great. I pretty much just wanted to take snapshots of my favorites for a quick share. I’m sure if one illustration really strikes your fancy you can find it scanned in somewhere online with better quality. Or perhaps you’ll buy the art book 😉 I like Shunya a lot, but I think what I like most is how he accessorizes his female characters. I’m not all that fond of his male character designs, I can’t think of a single one I’ve somewhat liked. My love for Shunya illustrations has really been renewed by my recent discovery of his Marvel/DC Comics illustrations. I also thought I’d really like his illustration of Yoko from this art book, but turns out I didn’t care for it much. I own a few Shunya figures but not that many, some kind of cross the line from sexy to slutty for me and I prefer my figures on the other side of that line. But when it comes to illustrations in art books I’m a bit more open minded for some reason.

I like this glasses gal a lot, although she’s probably the plainest character in the entire book. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for some cute square frames and in particular this hair color with waves/curls :) Although I love these glasses they’re definitely not some frames I could pull off with confidence.

I REALLY like the hairstyle/color of the character on the left. This is one of those examples where I like the illustration but I wouldn’t buy a figure of her. The Pirate on the other hand is definitely someone I’d love a figure of! I had a decent pirate costume last Halloween but mine was nowhere as awesome as this one! I really like the ninja gal too, I love that she is completely covered up but still looks so amazingly sexy. I think Yamato did a figure of her a while back but…I try to stay away from Yamato figures in general. I’ve been disappointed with the quality of the few I’ve owned in the past.

Gotta love dark warrior women with awesome armor! Although it’s sexy to look at I doubt leaving her heart and stomach exposed like that is such great armor design from a functional point of view. This woman kind of feels like a cross between the female warriors in Claymore with the world of Berserk to me.

Just thought these two illustrations were cute. What sells me on the militray duo is how forceful the one pointing seems :) I like how casual the dragon rider is and how girlie her outfit is.

Pocco (left) is one of my favorite Shunya characters, she was on the cover on one of his previous illustration books. He really got me with all her accessories. Although what really sold me on Pocco were her wings. I own the Pocco Revoltech but I forgot to take pictures of her for this post. So yes, I’m happy to see another illustration of her. I like seeing the ninja girl in another awesome pose in the illustration on the right, the other two are fine but they’re just decorations in ninja girl’s picture for me.

The corset bum crack babe on the left reminds me of a character I might see on Black Lagoon. Her pose has a lot of nice flow and I like the face she’s making. Out of ALL the illustrations in this book the bunny/clothesline girl on the right is by FAR my favorite. The illsutration brings a smile to my face. The situation and her outfit are just so cute. For some reason this illustration sort of reminded me of Bulma from Dragonball in her younger years.

My two favorite Shuraki battling in an illustration? HELL YA.

See? I even display them side by side :) As you can see I display Nida with the full gun. When a figure comes with a preposterously large weapon I need to find a way to make her fit on my shelf with it. No way in hell am I going to settly for a gun half that size when I could display this one! When I first ordered Mishiro I admit I thought her hair might be a bit too funky for my tastes. But when she got her I quickly realized that she’s my favorite of the Shuraki. I REALLY love her pose and her weapons, I also even like the hair now.

I pre-ordered this Rogue figure without any hesitation, I was in love with this Shunya version of her. I’m only a casual fan of X-Men (watched the cartoon as a kid) but I REALLY liked the female characters from the series. Although I must admit after seeing these two side by side…the figure doesn’t do the illustration enough justice.

I didn’t really know much about the Scarlet Witch when I bought her. I just really liked her costume and pose. And just the same as rogue I admit the figure lacks a certain intensity that I can feel from the illustration.

My favorite is by far Dark Phoenix, this figure/illustration has the best flow. Although instead of getting the standard green suit version for some reason I chose the limited red version. It’s really unlike me to stray from the original version of any figure but the red version really makes her look on fire on my shelf. I don’t collect all of the Shunya Marvel/DC figures but I happen to own the majority of the ones featured in this artbook.