I was putting together my newly arrived GSC Hitagi when I asked my boyfriend for an opinion on why the office supplies weren’t looking quite like the picture. There was one accidental hand gesture on his part and I got to see her crash to the floor as all the pieces separated off the base. Do any of you make a pained shriek when you see one of your figures falling a few feet to the ground? Well apparantly that’s the noise I make in that situation, followed by an angry scolding. I admit that even though figures aren’t everything to me,  I’m definitely a momentary bitch when someone accidentally harms one. I wonder how many bofriends have to deal with a 1 minute rampage over breaking their girlfriend’s sexy female figure? Luckily my GSC Hitagi escaped relatively unharmed, one of the skinny pieces (a pointed pen?) on the office supplies half broke off. So we bent it back into place and applied some super glue. Also the stapler/pen on her skirt broke off, but that damage is really easy to fix and hide too. I’m really lucky that a figure with such small delicate parts didn’t break in more spots that would be harder to hide. Well anyway  on to my new orders! I didn’t really realize it until I was putting this post together, but I’ve pre-ordered A LOT since my last order post!

Usually I don’t care for wedding dress figures (ok not that there are that many) but I really can’t resist Kagami/Konata. Especially since they’re affordable prize figures, if they were limited I’d probably pass. I admit I have my complaints about SEGA Lucky Star prize figures, but they’re really just minor grumblings and I’m happy to collect them. At some point in the future I’ll do a post of all my SEGA Lucky Star figures and show the inconsistencies between releases. Also I ordered Metis from Gathering at E2046, every once in a while they have a figure that really grabs me and this is definitely one of them. I love Persona figures so much, I was really bummed when Alter only did a figure of Yukiko from Persona 4. They did do a bathing suit Rise, but I don’t care much for bathing suit figures.

Duckie!? You ordered the Alter Hitagi!? You bought the GSC one because you didn’t like this one as much!? Ya I know…but you see…I’m greedy. I do like the GSC one based on the illsutration more, but as I stared at the Alter prototype pictures I started to really like the idea of putting them side by side. The feisty/dangerous beauty we saw in the beginning of the first episode (GSC), versus a calm and softer side of her. Plus Alter owns my soul, as much as I try to fight it they almost always win my money. I saw Xiao Mei at WonFes and thought she was cute but that I probably wouldn’t end up getting her. I love cat girls and china dresses as much as your average otaku, but I wouldn’t say I have the enthusiastic fetish many do. But as I looked over more and more prototype pictures I couldn’t resist. Darn Tony Taka, I love your women character designs.

These two are probably my most impulsive pre-orders, I recently watched Evangelion 1.11 and LOVED it! I immediately ordered the blu-ray movies to both Eva movies and they arrived yesterday. I haven’t met Mari yet in the Eva world, but I really like her look and doubt I’ll be disappointed in her personality. Tenshi I got because I like her wings. I admit her wings are probably the plainest of all my wing pre-orders this year, but they still have such a lovely and dramatic wing span. I think I managed to get the last pre-order for her because a waiting list opened up right after I placed my order. I might have to watch Angel Beats now.  

LAST and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I won the VolksUSA lottery for a Beatrice Dollfie Dream! She is just such a gorgeous looking gal and I can’t wait to have her. The timing of her lottery and my bonus simply could not have been any better, I’m a big Higurashi fan and I prefer the more mature Dollfies. I did however lose the lottery for her uniform, I tried again to win it in the international lottery but I lost again. I’m a little bummed but I’ll just have to find even better alternate outfits for her :) Even though I LOVE her stock look I can’t wait to find a brown wig for her too, I was thinking her eyes would look stellar with brown hair! I happened to look at her again on tsuki-board and saw images of her in a brown wig! AHHHH! She does look soooo great in brown! By the time she comes I want to have an alternate (light) outfit, a body suit, a wig cap, and a stand!