The only one of these figures that I actually planned to buy right from the start was Kotobukiya’s Dark Magician. I did a last minute pre-order on the Max Factory Mari after I started watching the recent Evangelion movies. I continue to be a sucker for Evangelion figures even though I consider myself a casual fan of the series/movies. Asuka, Rei, Misato, and (now) Mari are characters I can’t help but want to stare at on my shelves. Perhaps Max Factory will do a Misato figure!? I would be incrdibly excited if they did. I originally passed on Bat Girl because I felt that the cost of collecting all the Shunya Bishoujo figures was a bit too much. But after looking at her close up in Hina’s Post I really HAD to get her! And I’m really glad I did, because I like her in person even more than in photos. BatGirl was the first to arrive and I opened her right away, so that’s why she’s deboxed. Well anyway I took some pictures of this haul, I’ll probably do a quick review posts of each figure sometime soon. I’m also working on taking better pictures lately, feedback seems to point to having more light in my setup.

I mean look at this amazing pose!? The flare of the cape alone should have been enough for me to pre-order her right from the start! She is a beautiful balance between sexiness and strength. I really love the Gargoyle she’s leaning on too, reminds me of Goliath and the gang from that cartoon Gargoyles. Not to stray off topic but I’d really love to re-watch the Batman and Gargoyles cartoons again sometime. They were some of my favorite childhood shows.

I took extra pictures of the Dark Magician Girl so I’ll probably do a full review post on her. I admit I was more of a Pokemon fan than a Yu-Gi-Oh fan as a kid, but I really loved how beautiful the elf and the Dark Magician girl were. One surprise is I didn’t realize she was going to come with this base. Usually I detest unnecessarily large bases, but the details on this one really adds on to the presence of this figure.

A great figure that’s based on the illustraton that they used on Evangelion 2.22’s North American release of the movie (no idea if it was used elsewhere as the cover art too). But as much as I love a figure of her in this plug suit I crave a figure of her in her uniform and in her first plug suit too. Although I want them from Alter, Max Factory, or GSC :) not from Yamato. Yamato has some figures I think look nice, but the few times I’ve ordered one of their figures I was a bit disappointed with the end result. It was hard for me not to focus on the flaws and concentrate on their good points.

I’ve also recently received the red Yukata, white body suit, and wig cap from VolksUSA for my incoming Beato Dollfie Dream :) I’m REALLY looking forward to her and I agonize over ever new owner picture that pops up of her. She looks SOOOOO GOOD! I’m so excited! I also have two other outfits for her on the way, one is a china dress (Azone 60 cm SAR) and the other is a sale from a twitter/ friend. It’s the grey sweat outfit from Dolls Party 24, this one will probably be her casual display outfit that keeps her safe from staining! Now all that’s left is a sensible pair of shoes and a saddle stand! If I can’t get a saddle stand I’ll probably buy a small chair. Another large purchase was that me and my boyfriend split the cost of a new AWESOME fridge. We’ll be making no interest payments over the next year. Our current fridge is 13 years old and on the fritz so I’m really excited, the new one has so many better features. But when I looked at the total price of the fridge I made the mistake of translating it into the (MSRP) cost of my Dollfie Dream desires…if you’re in this hobby you REALLY shouldn’t translate the cost of items into Dollfie percentages. Either everything else for sale in the middle class world suddenly looks more affordable…or you’re forced to realize how insanely impractical this hobby is lol :)