Plot Summary
Kaguya is thought to be the Girl of Ananai and as a result she is given the task of choosing one of the nine worlds that will survive the oncoming apocalypse. Kaguya grew up as an adopted orphan on earth, which is the only world that seems to be blissfully unaware of the other worlds and the oncoming end. She’s kidnapped by those who wish to use her, and is accidentally sent to another world during the battle. Now Kaguya must understand the rest of the worlds and how she’s supposed to fullfill her duties as the Girl of Ananai.

The art is a bit awkward at times, certain characters just seemed a bit oddly designed. This was the most noticeable for me while Kaguya was still on earth with her friends and family. Her adoptive mother is particularly difficult on the eyes. The manga-ka seems to have paid a lot more attention to the appearances of the central cast though. But ironically I think the character drawn with the most skill and flourish was a giant Rooster robot :) But I think the cover art of each volume is wonderful looking, what drew me and my $10 to this series in the bookstore was how lovely Kaguya looked on volume 1. She looked like a beautiful fairy.  

Honestly initially I found the story a bit overwhelming, a lot of confusing events occur right away. My interest in this series was quite casual until around volume 3 or 4. Learning about Seeu and his world was very interesting, and watching his actions quickly became the main focus of the story for me. I became curious about a lot of the other characters pasts’ too. But unfortunately not every character was explained to the extent I’d like. I also admit that in some of these scenes I’m a bit suspicious that the words I’m reading really were the proper translation choice. There were definitely moments where Tokyopop seems to have placed a few words in the wrong order.

Wow well by now it sounds like I’ve talked you out of reading Planet Ladder! But I actually like this manga series a lot, but I recommend it with many reservations. Even though this is a series I enjoy re-reading every once in a while, and believe the plot is wonderfully unique…I can’t deny that this series has a lot of flaws. Some of which I could see ruining a reader’s impression of the series in its entirety. The art isn’t consistent, and the story isn’t told with as many flashbacks and details as I’d like. If you’re the type that has to understand every detail of how each character became a part of the story than this series will be frustrating. But this 7 volume series can be found reasonly priced on the secondary market. So if you’re curious, why not give it a try?