This past month I seem to have pre-ordered quite a few figures before I actually knew the characters. Only one of all of them was a character I knew from anime/manga before hitting that pre-order button! Above is Madoka (left) and Ryouko (right). I started Puella Magi Madoka Magica the day after I ordered her, and by episode 3 I was REALLY glad I did. But now I can’t stop imagining all the scaled figures I want from this series! I’ll be finishing off the last 3 episodes tonight and I can’t wait! Ryouko was a last minute order, she’s actually on her way to me right now via SAL. I just REALLY like her look, when owners started posting images of her I got envious. I read a little bit about her character and I liked what I saw about her personality too. I wouldn’t mind learning more about her as a character in the future.

Elsea (left) popped up for pre-order and I just thought she looked SOOOOO CUTE! I wanted to order her but first I looked up a plot summary of The World God Only Knows…I was sold on the series and this figure by the end of a single paragraph blurb. I went home and started the anime series that night :) And now we have Triela (right) she is the ONLY character from the entire bunch that I actually knew. I’ve been reading Gunslinger Girl manga and because I also own the Henrietta figure I didn’t hesitate to go for Triela too.

I have NO IDEA who these characters are besides their names (Panty, Stocking, Scanty, and Knee Socks) . But just based on these character designs I believe I have to at least give this series a try sometime soon. I saw the nendoroids go up for pre-order a while back, but I’m glad I passed and ordered these instead. They’re much cheaper and I don’t really need to change their poses. I tend to pick a pose with my nendos and stick with it.

I haven’t pre-ordered a video game since DragonQuest VI because I’ve been trying to cut back on video game costs. I get too eager to pre-order interesting looking games, then they sit on a pile by the TV, and I’m not even close to getting around to playing them when they do a huge price drop :( Dragon Quest VI was an exception because V went OOP really quickly and I didn’t want to pay more to get VI off the 2nd hand market. Originally I wasn’t going to pre-order Catherine but instead wait for a price drop. BUT for once I was suckered in by the extras. I don’t care about the audio CD but I think I’d really like the art book. Plus I’d like to play this game after I finish up Persona 4 so it won’t be sitting around waiting for me (at least that’s the plan).