I actually don’t pre-order that many Kotobukiya figures these days (compared to in the past). Usually I end up passing on a Kotobukiya version of a character in favor of something from GSC, Alter, or Max Factory. I like their Shining line a lot, but lately I’m not confident that they’re worth the price tag in comparison to other figures. BUT every once in a while Kotobukiya makes a unique character selection for their figures and does such a good job on them that I can’t resist. The moment I saw Dark Magician go up for order I dropped her into my cart. I was more of a Pokemon/Digimon fan in junior high, but I watched a few episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh here and there too. To  be honest I REALLY disliked how the protagonist looked and didn’t understand his transformations. I would intermittently watch episodes, so I never had a great grasp of the plot. At some point I’d like to watch this series uncut/subbed to see what all the fuss was about.

One of the main reasons I would tune in to Yu-Gi-Oh every once in a while was because I liked how a lot of the (human looking) card characters looked. I was especially enchanted by the Elf and this Dark Magician Girl. Because my ties to Yu-Gi-Oh are so casual and minor I got this figure more because of how much the character design over any potential childhood nostalgic reasons. Her outfit is just sooooo adorable! I think her shape has just the right amount of sexy curviness to it. But what really sells me on her design is that adorable hat and spikey hair style. The hat pretty much has to stay on her during display unless you want to show off the peg hole it inserts into. But that’s fine by me, the Dark Magician Girl without the hat just loses way too much impact. The hat seems to be what makes the outfit!

Usually I’m not a fan of bases, especially large ones that serve no support function. I’ll display a figure without it’s base if I have that option, but usually the base is necessary for support. I also dislike bases that are needlessly larger than the figure, UNLESS it’s a very scenic base that adds to the figure’s charm. Otherwise all it’s doing is taking up precious space on my quickly filling shelves. This base violates both of my pet peeves, but I LOVE IT! I don’t think the magic circle is particularly scenic, but in this case it adds a lot of charm to the figure, the magical aspect of her character comes out a lot more because of it. I didn’t even consider displaying her without the base, it looks great! Plus she happened to be the perfect figure to place in the awkward corner spot on my shelves.

When I saw the prototype pictures of The Dark Magician Girl I was completely set on displaying her in the winking face. I thought it was adorable. But when I put it on her and looked at the face in person…it looked a bit awkward from some angles. So in the end I actually decided to have her displayed with the face with both eyes open. I still think the winking face looks great in pictures though. This figure came with extras…usually for me extras are worthless unless it’s a chibi figure of someone (hehehe I LOVE those). Usually I look at whatever extra goody it is, take a picture of it, and put it into storage with the box. I do this more-so because I can’t bare to damage or hurt the extra little goodies. It would be like runing the whole set. Otherwise I might not mind putting that green little guy on my keychain. Although I’m not that fond of how The Dark Magician Girl looks in that poster. I like how she looks in the figure better. PLUS I bought a figure of her in that pose…because I have the figure I don’t creally feel the need to display a picture of that character in the same pose.