Hhhhhmmm in my last review I mentioned I don’t buy many Kotobukiya figures…but here I am doing a review on another one! Perhaps I buy more Kotobukiya than I realize? I’m curious to now what figure manufacturer I buy the most from is. Well anyway I didn’t consider Bat Girl for pre-order because I’m cutting back on figures and felt that even though I like the Shunya Marvel/DC Comics Bishoujo line, the figures were too much money for the scale and quality. YET after I made this decision Bat Girl still snuck into my collection! I admit I have a particular weakness for Batman because of the Animated Series I watched growing up. I’m ESPECIALLY fond of all the girl characters. I loved episodes that had a female villains especially.

BUT what made me buy the figure was being FORCED to see images of her on Hina’s Blog ;). Once I saw her pictures I couldn’t get Bat Girl out of my head, I even considered getting others from the Bishoujo line again as well. In the end I bought Bat Girl off eBay and I’m so glad I did, in person she is even better! I love her strong pose and the flare of her cape. I also like the Gargoyle she’s leaning on, really helps add to the feeling that she’s on top of a building somewhere! Plus the Gargoyle reminds me of another favorite childhood show, I loved Disney’s Gargoyles series and I get excited any time I hear Goliath’s voice in anything (yes even car commercials).

I’m curious to see if Shunya does illustrations of Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy. Unfortunately I’m not that fond of the Cat Woman, I think her image is just too different from the Cat Women I know and love from the 2nd movie and the Animated Series. On top of her appearance being very different from what I’m used to, I wish she’d zip up her top a bit more. I’m all for curvy awesome femme fatales, but I like a bit more left to the imagination. Well anyway I recommend this figure of Bat Girl, of the entire Bishoujo line I feel that she’s the best so far. More images on flickr