I went back and forth a lot on Strength (Good Smile Company), I LOVED the arms and her hood. I would have preferred a different pose though, all the rest of the BRS Animation figures seem ready to do a deadly attack! But Strength seems more like she’s (casually) trying to evade a hit. Basically Strength looks like she’s more-so on the receiving end on one of the other character’s attacks than actually attacking herself. But even though I say I’d prefer a different pose…I can’t think of an awesome aggressive pose that wouldn’t block Strength’s body from view…so perhaps GSC couldn’t overcome that dilemma either. I must admit I’m so fond of the character designs of Black Rock Shooter and have ordered so many figures from the series that I think I’m almost too scared to watch the series. If I don’t like the characters in the anime my love of the figures will diminish a bit :/ despite liking the character designs visually.

It’s hard to believe that I went from thinking underboob looked terrible on all figures…to ordering the Alter Kos-Mos..and NOW to Tia (Megahouse)! She has an outfit/look that’s both manly and sexy (in the womanly way). I kept trying to tell myself she wasn’t the figure for me, but I returned again and again to her prototype pictures. I’m behind in the Bleach anime so I’ve only seen a bit of her so far, but this figure REALLY has me a lot more interested to play catch up in the anime. It’s kind of ironic that I’ll probably pass on that upcoming Ichigo figure (the main character), yet I’m really excited about Tia. I seem to prefer the secondary characters in Bleach to the main cast by a lot. Unlike One Piece, where every character is ridiculously awesome, BUT the main characters are by far the best. *One Piece fangirl moment*

A Sawako Nendoroid (Phat Company). This is merchandise from a shoujo series…be still my heart! Perhaps this is the beginning of a figure merchandise age where not only will I be able to get figures of my favorite shonen/seinen series as well as shoujo/josei!! As excited as I am about Sawako my immediate thoughts after pre-ordering her were hopes for a Kyoko (Skip Beat!) nendoroid. A chibi Kyoko would be very characteristic of her and preposterously cute. If Skip Beat! got a 2nd season perhaps they’d consider making one…well anyway I’m REALLY glad I passed on the Sawako Pinky Street figure now. This one is a LOT better.

When I saw the unpainted prototype of Black Hanakawa (Alter) I thought it’d be easy to pass on her and excitedly pre-ordered her GSC version. But after seeing her painted…I wanted her…I’m able to pass on most Bakemonogatari figures, but I can’t seem to resist Senjohara or Hanakawa a easily as the rest. I’m getting both of them in their GSC and Alter forms. OR perhaps I should say I’m good at passing on Kotobukiya and most GSC Bakemonogatari figures…and Alter will hit my weak spot on every character. We’ll see! ALTER! I CHALLENGE YOU! Bring it!