Ookami Ryouko (Alter) , Yuri (GSC), Eustass Kidd (Banpresto), Animation Dead Master (GSC), Dizzy (GSC), Sanji (Banpresto), Flynn (Alter), Summer Kagami (Sega), and Summer Konata (Sega).  And with this figure haul I think I’m officially squeezed for shelf space again. Well I’ll find some way to make everyone fit, I’ve “run out of space” many times now since I started collecting. Although sometimes my solution is to sell off some figures I’m less interested in, but that won’t be the case this time. I’m still pretty happy with everything on my shelves. Just some good old fashioned re-arranging will be needed for the next few hauls. Perhaps I’ll take solo pictures of someone from this haul sometime soon…but when it comes to trying to take nice pictures I’m a bit distracted by something else these days… :) hehehehe

My Beatrice (Beato) Dollfie Dream (Volks) is my star arrival but she’s not going to get much attention in this post. I want to see if I can take pictures with better lighting where I’m not so rushed by time constraints. Plus posing is frustrating when I don’t have a stand, so I need to get one! Plus I’m still trying to get a feel for what I can do with her joints without fear of breaking them. I want to make a series of Beato posts where the pictures are better than these :) hehehe. But in the meantime this is Beato’s casual introductory photos! Yes I know that’s not her stock outfit, I haven’t even put it on her yet. This upcoming weekend (unlike last) is going to be completely peaceful with no plans. So I’m looking forward to cleaning up the room a bit more and taking some time with Beato. PLUS I’m thinking I might try to get a certain adorable maid outfit for her, and if not that perhaps I can get the Noble Lady Dress Set or the Fairy Tale: Spring Pink.