Some context is needed for that video :) Konata and the gang were chatting in the classroom about how women are like Christmas Cakes, something about how “after 25 they become just a normal cake/leftovers”. Then poor Kuroi Sensei is shopping the day after Christmas and sees those cakes and rescues one :) And NOW it’s finally happened! I’m 16 and just a regular cake now too! I’m a year younger than Kuroi Sensei, but I see a lot of my habits/self in her minus her love of beer. I prefer wine myself :) Only Lucky Star can jab at my unmarried elderly status like that and get away with it! Normally I don’t blog about too many of my life milestones but I admit it’s getting harder not to think about how I’m so much older than the fictional characters I love watching go on adventures. I was 10 or 11 when I first started watching Sailor Moon and looking up at the teenage (14 year old) Sailor Senshi with wide eyed admiration at their beauty, battles, and love issues. The video below is Konata and her dad discussing Gundam series these days and then Konata starts talking about how surprising it is that she’s now older than some of the characters, it kinda feels like this for me. Just a few weeks ago I was watching Nadia (for the first time) and Grandis was flaunting herself in a swimsuit when Electra asked her to cover up. Her response was that she’s still in her 20’s? Because I feel like I’m seeing the story from the protagonists’ kids eyes I thought she was older than me too! So this is what a fictional character my age looks to the young ones hhhmmm…and no sooner had I thought this when Electra’s’s wise-ass remark was that she was on the wrong side of the 20’s! Hey!

So as you see below, I continue to become a rarer and rarer anime creature :) if I were a collectible card I’m sure that by now my card would be at the star foil stage. If I’m in a retirement home and still watching anime my card should be one that becomes 3-Dimensional and dancing around a bit. But don’t worry I’m not embarrassed about my hobby at my age, by college I realized that explaining that your hobbies involve anime has the potential to have an embarrassing response from the other person at just about any age after 13. I was wildly embarrassed about it until I was 18, then just got over it right away as soon as I entered college. I even started voluntarily started talking about anime (with non-fans) by grad school, although I still try to limit that. Not because it’s anime but because talking about your hobbies (any hobby) to somone whose not into that sorta thing can get boring, if my co-worker chatted my ear off about cars (his hobby) I’d want to run away. Well anyway I’m celebrating my 26th birthday by doing something new! This weekend I’m going to go camping, I’m really excited and I’m hopeful it’s an experience I’ll enjoy and want to do again. We have a sweet tent we got on sale at Amazon and an air mattress we picked up for cheap at the local Job Lot. All week we’ve been dehyrdating fruits and meats for fun snacks on the trip too! I doubt I’ll blog about the experience afterwards but maybe I’ll tweet about it. I won’t be bringing any anime figures with me on this trip but maybe next time I’ll bring along a figure of some kind.

On Order

Ah Madoka, I laughed at the cover art shown for your series on the preview poster for your season. This series looked like something similar to Tokyo Mew Mew in its sugary sweetness and casual relationships and I passed. Boy was I wrong, what an amazing series. I don’t always like Figmas (even of characters I love) but I REALLY like the quality of the Madoka Figma from the prototype photos. I might even say I like the Madoka Figma more than the nendoroid! I think this is the ONE series I’ve experienced that I’d like to collect the entire main set of Figmas and Nendoroids. The only other series I like enough to do such a shelf consuming thing for would be Lucky Star…but the regular scale Lucky Star nendos were limited editions so I passed. Well anyway Madoka, I look forward to signing over one of my pay checks to the merchandise from your series.

Once long ago I had the Yui (Alter) figure on pre-order…and then I watched season 1 and canceled it. I felt the series was overrated. BUT a few years later I read the manga, and something about all those same scenes in manga form was SO MUCH better for me. Reading the “plot” at my own pace made the jokes funnier somehow. In the anime I felt Azusa was a terrible addition to the crew and very annoying, but somehow in the manga I find her endearing. I’d say I’m a casual K-On! fan these days, I somewhat regretted canceling my Alter pre-orders but had NO INTENTIONS of paying anything over retail price for these figures on the 2nd hand market. If the rest of the girls get re-released I’ll order them as well, but for now I’m happy with Yui, Ui, and the upcoming (Max Factory) Azusa. Edward Elric…I saw his unpainted model and did a HUUUGE happy dance! But after I saw the final prototype pictures I had some reservations about his facial expressions. BUT as unsure as I was about his facial expression I loved the pose! His coat adds so much wonderful life!