I must say that the cover art from this series certainly doesn’t draw me in, although titles that involve the word teacher in it doesn’t appeal to me too much either :) Too many cheap ways to write a high school series come to mind as soon as I realize the main characters are a female student and a male teacher…but it turns out this series is nothing like I imagined from the cover. The only reason why I gave this series a try was because it kept popping up on my Amazon recommended list when looking at various shoujo series. I sampled a few volumes online before I committed to collecting/reading the series. I must admit I love scans when I’m in a situation where I’m torn on going after a series or not, they’re very helpful when I can’t flip through it in a bookstore. Plus…as unashamed of my hobby as I am…I still feel weird flipping through manga volumes next to kids 10 years younger than me. I always feel like those young eyes are looking at me with questions about figuring out how into manga I am. Plus I really don’t like picking up ones that have labels that scream “mature content” in front of the young ones too (patheticly scratching at the wrapping to see if it’s a series I actually would want to read). Although the questioning eye part might be my over active imagination :)

Plot Summary
Mufuyu was a “yankee” (delinquent) who was the head of her gang and was known for her incredible strength in battle. However, one day she got captured by the police after a fight and as a result got expelled from her school. Her mother has strictly forbidden any further fighting and sends Mufuyu off to a boarding school in the mountains. The only problem is that one of the reasons Mafuyu got into the school was because it has a low standard for who they’ll let in (grades and past expulsions don’t matter as long as you have money), as a result the school she’s entering has a lot of fighting and delinquents. Mufuyu is the type that can’t stand to see injustice, and is faced with choosing between fighting and honoring her mother’s wishes.

This series has quite a bit of action/fighting, just about every chapter involves beating up delinquents. I honestly started to question if this series was actually a shoujo series at one point (double checked that it’s a shoujo beat title).  Although I bought what’s released in the U.S. I admit that I’ve read up to what has been released in Japan. And I’ll say one thing, if you need your shoujo series to have notable romance developments within a few volumes…look elsewhere. This series seems to like focusing on just having fun, and creating ridiculous situations more-so than focusing on the romantic feelings of the heroine. The boys around her act just about as oblivious as Mafuyu when it comes to romance, and can only seem to think about fighting, although you’ll see some developments bit by bit. As the series progresses there are definitely more and more (fighting) bishies appearing at Mafuyu’s side, it’s starting to seem like a reverse harem lol. But this series does a decent job laughing at itself and its genre. I don’t have any complaints of the heroine, I love that she is so strong and honest. She can be quite dumb at times, but most of the gags in the series wouldn’t work if she were more aware/smart. The humor is really what makes this series worthwhile, although I admit at times all the humorous adventures get a bit too random for my tastes.

If Mafuyu develops feelings for anyone, I’m hoping it’s the Okegawa. He’s by far the most amusing character (for me), and is the strongest and most reliable of the students at the school.  But, I’m pretty sure that Okegawa winning is a bet I’d lose if I actually put money on him. Well we’ll see! *Gambate Okegawa* If I had to compare this series to another…it feels like a School Rumble that’s aimed more at females. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this series for anything more than a fun ride with action. BUT that said it’s a series I like a lot as a guilty pleasure, and I look forward to future releases.