Yuzu and her sister lost both of their parents passed away when they were young, so Yuzu’s sister raised her despite still being underage herself. Now Yuzu is in high school, but 6 months ago her sister died in a car accident, and left behind her toddler Shou. The father of the child is unknown, so Yuzu takes it upon herself to raise him like her sister did for her. Life is tough, and Yuzu’s future is uncertain, but she has people around her that help her out and gives her support.

This series had its touching/cute moments, but overall I think it could have been better. I wasn’t too attached to any of the characters even though many of them had honest/respectable personality traits. The art could have been better as well, a few of the characters look too similar. At the end of volume 2 I was thoroughly confused about the identity of a certain character, it’s like the mangaka took one character and copied and pasted him onto the face of another with the only difference being a slight difference in hair color. But I think what I disliked the most was how frequently the manga-ka recapped past events, it’s a 2 volume series, even if this series was released chapter by chapter over a long period of time it’s annoying to re-read that same background information over and over. Honestly my favorite part of this entire series was an extra side story called “The Sound You Make Is the Color of Autumn” and when they put the baby Shou in an adorable bear outfit. This series is a convenient way to kill some time, but I wouldn’t recommend it over many other series. Most of the appeal of March on Earth is that it’s a sweet story that’s SHORT, but I think other stories that are sweet but longer are more worth the reader’s time. Just for an example…Yotsuba and Bunny Drop, both of those stories deal with adopting unexpectedly and unconventional family situations. Although as I said before both series are longer (and still ongoing) so I don’t know how they’ll end.