I originally passed over this series a few times because I figured it was shonen-ai (guy-guy love). I don’t mind if a shonen-ai couple pops up in a series I’m reading, but it’s not a genre I actively seek out. I happened to see somewhere that someone really unexpectedly enjoys the series, and that it wasn’t shonen-ai but actually shoujo. So I picked it up on a whim. It may have been a random review (and I can’t remember where I saw it) that pushed me to take a chance.


Plot Summary

“The story revolves around a Seiho, an all-boys school isolated from the city, and the student body. There is a main character that comes in the form of a cute boy by the name of Makki who tells us that the school feels like Alcatraz and with no girls around you can bet that the boys not only feel lonely but are frustrated to the point that they all no longer know how to relate to a girl if one even did manage to show up.” – Animanga Nation

Initially I was REALLY enthusiastic about Seiho Boy’s High School, I really loved the comedy and was surprised to find myself able to enjoy a “shoujo” series that has minimal female presence. Especially a series that was quite obviously trying to cater to every readers’ desire by providing so many different types of “nice Guys” to look at. The guys are almost believable at times. They have stashes of porn, many have dirty rooms, and many rarely take care of their appearances/hygiene. The school situation likes to bounce back and forth between potentially believable (vulgar ranting every once in a while), and sometimes a bit unbelievable (would an all guys school really put on a play of Snow White with no women?). The art is decent, but I admit it’s not my favorite style. 

This series has a nice bit of drama to it, but never forgets to put in some comedy. A few panels I had to re-read a few times because they were so cute/amusing. This series was a nice length, it feels like it chose just the right time to end. If it went on any longer I feel like the drama side of things would have had to have taken over more-so (it was already getting a bit too dramatic for me). Although, part of me is bit bummed that I didn’t get to see more of a few of the relationships. So, this series succeeds at “leaving them wanting more” rather than beating the “all boys high school” theme to death (*cough* Hana Kimi *cough*). Seiho Boy’s High School is set up so the reader feels a bit like a visitor in a short phase of the characters’ lives. The students are changing their lives from Middle School to High School, and thus going through the process of breaking with an old life and starting a new one.


Overall I enjoyed the series and it has moments that made it worthwhile. But I wouldn’t say that Seiho Boy’s High School is one of my favorite shoujo series, it was simply a nice guilty pleasure series that I went into while not expecting too much, and found it exceeded my expectations. The series puts forward a lot of character stories (which helps keep it fresh) and the reader gets to become familiar with all of the “new” characters varying personalities and relationships. But the occasional well timed moments of humor is what really makes this series worth a try.

PS – For anyone who read this series my favorite character/story actually ended up being Genda’s