Hey everyone! I know I’ve been terribly quiet lately, but I’ve been reading a lot of manga as well as watching a lot of anime! I have a few series I really can’t wait to write reviews of, so look forward to that! I plan on doing posts on Sket Dance (manga/anime), my top ten favorite Magical Girl characters, Seiho Boy’s High School (manga), and perhaps Code: Breaker (manga)!! I’m also ALMOST done with Persona 4! Expect my first video game review in ages right after I finish! I’m at 100+ hours played with less than 20 hours left to go! (At least I think it’s at less than 20). Afterward I’m going to finish DragonQuest V…if you can believe it I put the game down because I wasn’t sure which bride to choose! In the end I’ll probably go for Bianca because she’s the choice that seems to match the story best.

 The next few years of my life is going to get considerably busier, I need to finish my final project for my Master’s Degree before December and seriously start to put effort and money into fixing up my house (so I can sell it at a profit). Me and my boyfriend are at a stage in our life where we’re realizing that if we’re going to get married and visit Japan before turning 30, then we have to start saving more than ever! As a result more time has been spent these days fixing up the house we bought two years ago, we made a schedule of “honey do’s” and have been staying on track tackling them one at a time. Last weekend we painted the deck, and this week we’ve hired someone to improve the heating in our house so we can use the finished basement as our lazy TV cave. That basement heat will really help with the re-sale value of the home (I know, boring real life chatter). Well I’ve realized when faced with limited free time for my hobbies I end up choosing gardening, manga, anime, cleaning (this is a hobby?) and a few select video games above all else! So I’m the process of reducing the size of my figure collection to a reasonable amount (under one hundred), and I’m going to get away from dolls altogether. Dollfie Dreams and Pullips are lovely, but I just treat them like figures and don’t take enough pictures of them! My goal is to be a bit simpler in how many possessions I own. Although to be honest, I’ll still probably have an incredibly selfish amount of manga lol. I’m looking forward to emptying out my hobby room a bit and making it so that there’s enough room in there so I can put in a super comfy chair for reading. I think I’ll have anime figures displayed in my house for many years to come and will still actively collect them, but it’ll be on a much smaller scale 😉

Look forward to more posts than I did last month! Even when I’m not posting on my blog I’m on Twitter a few times a day! Feel free to tweet with me!