Like quite a may other other anime/manga fans I also have a few wall scrolls of some of my favorite series. Once I realized the existence of wall scrolls, whenever possible I opted to buy a wall scroll over a poster because they hold up better over time. My poor posters are all worn at the corners from years of having wall putty placed and removed from the same spots, all of them are retired in a bin now. Unfortunately I frequently come across the dilemma where I can find the images I want in poster form, but not in a wall scroll.  The lighting in these pictures isn’t that great because they’re hanging in our basement. That’s where our main living space is. I recently came across a Sailor Moon wall scroll that I REALLY liked and (of course) purchased. It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been waiting years to find a Sailor Moon wall scroll that I liked. For me this wall scroll is perfect for Sailor Moon, I found that most Sailor Moon wall scrolls had a few more characters than I wanted. Even though I like all the Sailor Scouts/Senshi, I was really looking for a wall scroll of just the main inner senshi (and no Rini/Chibi-Usa). I really like that this wall scroll has everyone in their original outfits and their original transformation finale poses, it makes me nostalgic for the first season on Sailor Moon. Although unfortunately in order to hang up this lovely piece, another wall scroll had to be retired….but I’ll get into my retired wall scrolls at the end of the post.

Next up is my Cardcaptor Sakura wall scroll, this wall scroll is the oldest one I own that’s currently still actually hanging on a wall. I absolutely love the art of the manga, and it took me a while to find a beautiful wall scroll that was of an illustration from the manga, and not a pose from the anime. Not to mention that the illustration is of one of Sakura’s most adorable outfits, I love that it’s from when she first met Li Syaoran and he’s there a bit hidden in the background. I’m not sure if this wall scroll was an official release or not, I bought it over 6 years ago. If I was forced to only own wall scroll, then this one would be it.

This Trigun wall scroll is actually my boyfriend’s, it was previously retired but right before the holidays he wanted the sexy wall scroll that was formerly in that spot taken down when family visited. So I put up his old Trigun wall scroll as a substitution. It’s a decent wall scroll even though it’s a bit smaller than the rest. The quality is a bit cheaper than the rest of my wall scrolls too. But you can’t go too wrong with Vash and Wolfwood on your walls. But as much as I love Trigun I think I’d a wall scroll in that spot that’s current with what we’re watching right now.

I found this Soul Eater wall scroll at the peak of my enthusiasm for the anime, the anime let me down by the end but I won’t hold it against the series. It’s hardly the fault of the mangaka that the animators had to come up with their own ending to give some sense of closure because the manga is still ongoing. I hope someday this series gets an anime remake like FullMetal Alchemist did. Soul Eater is one of those rare situations where I prefer the art of the anime over the manga, so I’m very happy to have this wall scroll. I also love that this wall scroll has a three of the main weapon meisters, and their weapons. As much as I love each character individually, it’s the whole set I like the most.

My Haruhi obsession has calmed down a bit, but it’s a series I still like and Haruhi is still a character I enjoy. It’s such a simple wall scroll, but it has a lot of impact. I love that it’s meant to look like she’s popping out of the wall scroll at you. Plays into the whole Haruhi having the ability to change her reality really well.

LUCKY STAR! A Wonderful series! Of all the wall scroll options available for Lucky Star this is by far my favorite. I like that it has the entire main cast with the cut out of Akira. I like them in the karaoke setting much more than the other options too (playing soccer, at the beach, at the computer, etc…). Although if there was a simple wall scroll of Konata sitting at her desk gaming alone with her happy calm face with lots of manga piled around her…that would probably be my ideal Lucky Star wall scroll. I recently bought the Lucky Star DVDs…I was really disappointed with how they formatted the subtitles. I found the font choice, the size of the lettering, and the color of the subtitles were all awful, it made it difficult to read quickly. As a big fan of subtitles, I find that the official releases of anime are sometimes disappointing. Somehow the Japanese voice actors just sound more “right” for the character than their English counterparts, just a matter of personal preference though.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of One Piece for about 5 years now, but only in this past year or so have I found a wall scroll I really liked.Originally my goal was to have little wanted posters  (even if they were paper) of each of their bounties, I managed to come across a few from PLEX but I wasn’t able to collect any more. I had difficulty finding any follow up releases on the first volume, which is a shame because I would love to have a wall completely covered in Wanted wall scrolls from One Piece. Well anyway the One Piece wall scrolls of my dreams either don’t exist, or are difficult to find. BUT this wall scroll of the crew going to Skypia is a really wonderful substitution, I happen to really like their outfits from this story arc. Also, this wall scroll does a great job representing the spirit of the Staw Hat Crew! I like that this one features mainly the original core team (Luffy through Chopper), but I wouldn’t say no to another well done wall scroll of the entire current crew.  For me, the best Straw Hat crew members are still Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. Some argue that Nami didn’t officially join the crew until after Sanji, but in my opinion she joined the moment she teamed up with Luffy. So I like to think of them as the original three :) they’re figures are the only Straw Hat crew ones I’m bothering to buy from the “Sailing Again”.

Desired Wall Scrolls:

I don’t want just any wall scroll from a series I like, the wall scroll itself has to be a scene I really like. I’d like nice wall scrolls of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and GinTama.  I’ve wanted a Gurren Lagann wall scroll for years! But for some reason I’m not fond of any of the ones available. For Madoka there’s a nice wall scroll I’m considering…but I really would prefer one with the illustration where they’re all standing on a stage. I’m thinking at some point I’d like to try and buy this GinTama wall scroll and replace the Trigun one. Overall I’m tempted by most wall scrolls with CLAMP origins, that includes Code Geass.


“Retired” Wall Scrolls

I don’t have enough room for all my wall scrolls because I don’t every room of my home to have them. Plus my tastes have evolved a lot since my first wall scroll, I’m definitely not as fond of Fushigi Yugi as I once was. Although I’m not a big fan of the series anymore, it’s still a lovely looking wall scroll. It’s a shame it accidentally got trampled on in college. During a party it fell and rather than pick it up it seemed easier to everyone just to step on it…no…I’m not still a bit annoyed by that…really….*ahem* Well anyway I was into Rurouni Kenshin for a while and I was particularly in love with Kaoru’s kimono and seducting look in this one. We’ll see if the new Rurouni Kenshin anime series rekindles my love for this series. This Fruits Basket wall scroll is the one that got retired for Sailor Moon, so it was on my walls for quite some time. I had really wanted a wall scroll of this illustration…but it didn’t seem to exist, so I settled for the one you see pictured. Even though it’s not my favorite illustration, it’s definitely the best Fruits Basket wall scroll I’ve come across.

Ah Naruto…before I encountered One Piece Naruto was my FAVORITE shonen series, I’ve fallen a bit behind in the anime these days, but I intend on catching back up again at some point. So much anime to watch, so little time. I loved that everyone looks so prepared for battle in this wall scroll…even Sakura…looking at this wall scroll you might actually believe she knew how to fight before Shippudden. My boyfriend is the one that picked out the Haruhi bunny wall scroll, and I liked it too so we picked it up. But this one recently came down because we had family coming over for the holidays and he was a bit embarrassed by it. Personally I’m sick of taking it down and putting it back up over and over so I’d rather just find another wall scroll to replace it permanently. Besides, I like Haruhi a lot but with such limited wall space I think 1 Haruhi scroll will be enough.

Clare from Claymore, I love her warrior look so much. I took her down when we re-arranged the room and lost a wall scroll spot to a cabinet. Claymore is a series only I love, and I like the majority of our wall scrolls to represent both our tastes. And I was NOT going to take down the Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor Moon scrolls :) I have a strange love of Ah! My Goddess, I honestly don’t love the series itself all that much but I think the characters (Urd especially) are some of the most beautiful. I LOVE Ah! My Goddess illustrations. I don’t think Belldandy has been on my wall for any length of time since college.