Its been FOREVER again since my last update hahahaha! Nowadays when I go home after work I’m either watching TV marathon style with my boyfriend, or on days where he’s watching hockey I’m working on crafts for wedding decorations rather than screwing around online, reading manga, and playing video games. The screwing online part is when I used to make posts. So yes, unfortunately this blog is not going to have much new stuff if I need to choose between updating my blog with a post, and watching more Hunter x Hunter …you can guess what my choice is :)

BUT I had to share the news! We’ve just booked our honeymoon for this September and its to Japan for over two weeks! The details aren’t finalized yet but the current plan is to start off in Tokyo and then go to Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and then back to Tokyo for the last few days. We’ll be getting around using the bullet train, the current plan is to get a pass that lets us on and off as much as we want during that time period. I’m finally going to visit Akihabara, eat Takoyaki, and stay in a Japanese style inn with onsen!! Ironically for souvenirs I’m not planning to buy much along the lines of figures unless I see something really special. I already pre-order figures whenever I see something I like from home, when I’m in Japan I want my souvenirs to be something that I can’t normally get from home.

Must Do (this is a list in progress, I have a lot to research):

  • Go to a maid cafe
  • Go to a dessert buffet (my boyfriend fell in love with this after seeing it in Lucky Star)
  • Osaka Castle
  • Kyomizu-dera
  • Karaoke
  • Akihabara
  • Eat Sushi
  • Eat Ramen
  • Eat Takoyaki
  • Stay in a Japanese Inn and wear a yukata


  • Tokyo Disney
  • Nara/feed the deer
  • Osaka Aquarium
  • Fish market (in Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Tower

Here are all the updates on what else I’ve been doing lately for entertaining myself. Maybe sometime I’ll post pictures of all the wedding crafts I’m doing.


  • Anime: Finished Beezlebub (really wish this had lasted longer) and started Hunter x Hunter
  • Regular Shows: Doctor Who, Grimm, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Community, Supernatural, and I just caught up in Episodes the other week.


  • Manga: I’ve started reading Genshiken 2nd season. It’s great to see the crew again, and I do like what I’m reading, but Season 1 is still the best for me (so far).
  • Books: For reading I’m doing a lot of travel guides, I have a trip to London next month that I’m planning, and after that’s done I’m jumping  straight into reading Japan guides. I have the eye witness guide and a book on etiquette, I have a feeling if for etiquette I only rely on what I see in anime…I may have some false understandings over how certain things are supposed to be done. I’m also reading Good Omens on the side, but I probably won’t pick it back up again until my flight next month.


  • Fate/Extra (PSP) is still in process I’m in the 2nd to last round on my first play-through (I selected Saber). I haven’t touched this in a few months but will finish it when I go camping again, because when I play video games at home I have a new priority…
  • Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360), knowing me I probably will take 80-100 hours to finish this game. But we’ll see. I pretty much only play it when my boyfriend golfs which means next Saturday I’ll be playing it almost all day :) it’ll be a nice break, usually during the day on weekends it’s all errands, chores, and crafts.


I’ve REALLY cut back on all my figures, both my current collection as well as what I pre-order. Truthfully cutting back on pre-ordering has been super easy, there just hasn’t been as many “must haves” for me, so I really haven’t had to skip anything I really wanted. Although that said I skipped over figures I thought were MUST HAVES until I saw the final prototype pics (ex: Lucy from Fairy Tail and the Hunter x Hunter boys). I feel like being more selective over the figures I pre-order is a sign of maturity…although I suppose buying figures at all is probably quite immature to most. I haven’t received a figure since December, and my current pre-orders are pictured below. My collection is slowly becoming a sausage fest! But when you love Gintama, One Piece, and Tales of Vesperia that’s just how it goes. I love figures that kind of give me the feeling that the character I’m looking at is strong/badass and I think this year’s pre-orders reflect that pretty well. But my guess is that when the new Sailor Moon anime comes out…mwahahaha, balance will be restored. I have no idea on if I’m going to only do the inner senshi or the whole crew…I have to consider shelf space I have, and what I’ll have to give up to make that space.





My other most recent splurge is a camcorder, I’ve always wanted one and with so many trips and events this year it seems like the right time. Plus since it takes photos my little Nikon Camera will probably only be exclusively used for figure pictures from here on out. We’ll see.