Top Left – Kagami and Tsukasa (Wave)
Bottom Left – Gin (Megahouse)
Top Right – Ace and Luffy (Banpresto)
Bottom Right – Sheryl Nome (Megahouse)
Shirts Left to Right – Nami, Saber Lily, and Zoro
Leftmost – Lucky Star Tea Cup
Rightmost – Saber Lily/Dark Saber Mug

Well actually this was my only haul in the past 2 months (I was a bit delayed in doing my last haul post). See? It shows I really am cutting back in comparison to before. Because this haul is actually older I already have all these figures up on display, drank coffee from my Saber mug each weekend, and have worn each of these shirts quite a few times. I love wearing these shirts around the house, they’re comfortable and they have my favorite anime characters on them! Although I don’t wear them out in public, not because I’m embarassed but because I don’t like wearing baggy things outside the house. I have a couple more One Piece shirts coming but after that I need to stop buying them unless something really special comes along. My anime shirt drawer is already almost full.

Cups side a

I have to say that the Luffy and Ace BanPresto figures are impressive! I really like them! Prize figures are really starting to earn their $20 each price tag these days! They’re smaller then the Megahouse figures but the use of coloring and details is great. I’d almost say I prefer the Banpresto Ace to the Megahouse one, I say “almost” because I’ve never seen the Megahouse Ace in real life. I didn’t take pictures myself but rankai has images of the set here (images taken by GA Graphic). I think the Grandline Men BanPresto line is the most affordable way to get decent figures of the One Piece characters, and they’re a great substitute if you’re unable to collect the Megahouse line!


I rarely buy figures that have clothes that cast-off, the few I owned gave me nothing but headaches to try and dress. This Sheryl Nome is CONSIDERABLY easier then trying to put the clothes on my old Sanzo or my Shuraki. I was really pleased. Plus…she just has a certain presence, I really fell hard for her after I saw the review of her at HowaGirlFigures. I was lucky that Toyslogic still had them up for order at the time of her review. They actually still have some in stock (at the time of writing this post) if there are people having issues tracking her down. 

Saber LIly

I gotta love Gin! So far I love all the GEM figures that Megahouse are releasing! Yay for more male figures! GEM is one of the few sets I’ve decided to stay a collectionist to. Although the first time they do a character I’m not that fond of I’ll skip him. I have to admit one thing though, I was not THAT impressed with Kagami and Tsukasa (Wave) . I think Wave did a much better job on their Shrine Maiden version then this one. I might drop the Lucky Star Wave line after this. 


Although I compensated…I may have purchased less figures but I bought way more manga! Although what I spent on the manga was still less then what I used to spend on figures, especially since I got a few series used for a good price. I didn’t take pictures of the manga but these are the series I purchased/pre-ordered the last 2 months.

Mushishi 1-10
Pluto 3-7
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1-20
Immortal Rain 1-8
Dragonhead 1-10
Hellsing 4-7
Dance Till Tomorrow 1-7
Honey and Clover 3-9
Tail of the Moon 10-15
Land of the Blinfolded 1-9
Monster 5 – 15
Black Lagoon 8
Berserk 14 – 22
Bride of the Water God 3 and 4
High School Debut 8
King of Thorn 1-6
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 9


Seems like everything on that list is either a shoujo series or a horror series, probably an odd combination of genres. So far I’ve read what I have of Berserk, Pluto, and Kurosagi. I’m currently working my way through Tsubasa. Not all the volumes from the other series have arrived yet, so I’m waiting for them to arrive before I tackle the other series. Anyone reading or have read these series? What do you think?