Title: Princess Resurrection
Japanese Title: Kaibutsu Ōjo (Monster Princess)
Author: Yasunori Mitsunaga
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Action/Supernatural
Licensed: Yes (Del Rey)
Release Date: May 1, 2007 (US) July 2005 (Japan)
Volumes: 9+

I had noticed the figures that were being released from the series Princess Resurrection, and even bought the Happinet Reiri/Riza figure because I love vampire characters. But I didn’t go after experiencing the series for myself, and really didn’t have any plans to. The manga was a complete impulse buy because someone on my forums said they liked the series, I sort of liked the GSC Hime figure (and was debating buying it), and I had some spare cash. All that adds up to me buying the first volume of the manga followed by the next 4 in rapid succession.


I opened the manga to the first page and was absolutely smitten with the art, Hime really looks very beautiful in the manga. Now a manga series doesn’t HAVE to have a gorgeous art style (for me) but it sure doesn’t hurt. I’m probably more lenient on any plot shortcomings if the art makes me swoon. After seeing the first page of the manga I actually went onto ToysLogic immediately and bought the last GSC Hime figure, I’m very happy I started this series when I did, because if I had missed this figure I’d be very sad. It wasn’t just the art though, I was also moved by all the potential the plot had. The series opened with the protagonist dying and Hime choosing to revive him in the morgue, after which point he is bound by her blood to protect her from danger. The blood of royalty will revive a corpse and allow it immortality so long as they remain a servant to that royal.


I love stories with vampires, werewolves, and other creepy creatures so any tale that involve those things immediately gets a few extra points with me. I had started Rosario+Vampire because I love those kinds of creatures, but I felt a bit bored by the series by the 2nd volume. This series is pretty good (so far) with regard to introducing all the fun creepy characters that exist in western mythology. I like that a lot of the tales have a bit of a dark twist. There are a couple chapters I particularly like that are a short tales that seem straight out of what you might see in a horror movie.


I have been reading this series one volume at a time every once in a while when I’m in the mood. This isn’t really a series I’d care to sit down and read marathon style, I think this series is a bit better in bits and pieces then all at once (that’s how I feel about Mushishi too). It doesn’t have as much fanservice as Rosario+Vampire, you occasionally see Reiri’s underwear as she flies around, but that’s pretty much because she doesn’t care if they show. This fanservice doesn’t feel like a tacky tip of the hat to all the salvating panties loving otaku, so I don’t mind it at all. Plus black panties > white panties.



The manga series has an episodic nature to it, there is pretty much one bad guy that is out to kill Hime every few chapters, and as the chapters progress we learn little bits and pieces that are more relelvant to the plot that is moving this entire series. Also Hime has a new creepy weapon in each battle, I’m still not tired of seeing Hime in an awesome pose with her new weapon of choice in each battle. I thought that’d get old quick but I’m still enjoying it. I’m actually curious about what weapons are left for her to use, I’ve already seen her use almost every common weapon I know. All the characters personalities are pretty typical/cliche choices but it works for each of them without bothering me. Basically this series is better then your average series with absolutely gorgeous art, and as the story progresses I keep getting more and more curious about the veiled main plot that is moving everything. This series has the potential to turn out GREAT in my eyes, but I’ll need to follow it because it might also turn the other way and lose my attention. Stay tuned.


Also as a general tip don’t pay full price for a manga ever. I think the MSRP price on the back of Princess REsurrection is $10.99? You can order it off of a site that has it at a reduced price with free shipping. For example Amazon has free shipping orders at $25.00+ and each volume sells on their site at under $9.00. Although I might be so concerned with that stuff because if you buy as much manga as I do saving $2+ on a manga adds up damn quick. Amazon isn’t the only web site source out there of cheaper manga. I’ve used Otakufuel for manga before, and I believe friends on forums use RightStuf and JustManga.