Oh yes, this Saber is a must have for me! I’m so glad I skipped her Gift version. I much prefer how GSC portrayed her here, although I’m incredibly biased because she will go SO WELL next to my Distant Avalon Saber! Now nothing against the Gift Saber, that Saber has her beautiful merits as well. But overall this Saber is my preference. If GSC decides to make a trio and create a complimentary Dark Saber I will give them my full support (and money). Although they might be too busy working on their 4th, 5th, and 6th Black Rock Shooter (BRS) figures :) It would probably be smart of them if they would put out another Rider figure instead of so many of BRS. Although I admit, the collectors out there that gather every BRS, their shelf will probably look awesome having them all side by side.

So…remember I was SO TORN over if I should collect all the One Piece Strong World figures? Well it looks like I’m heading down the route of collecting them all! My collection is going to be saturated by One Piece! AND I LOVE IT! I had seen some sneak peeks at Robin, I REALLY liked her look. But once I saw she comes with a Ponytail version I was hooked into her 100%! And of course this Usopp is pretty damn great! I knew this was going to happen in the end, it’s so silly I told myself that I wouldn’t be a completionist about the Strong World set.

When I saw the photos of the Professor Layton Revoltech I was INCREDIBLY HAPPY! I love the Layton games! I’m so excited! I’m practically skipping over how happy I am about this small item. This will be my 5th Revoltech (Pocco, Yotsuba, Danboard, and Yotsuba Summer Ver.). I also ordered these little Tengen Toppa figures, they caught my eye and made me curious. I also went after the Kagome Figma, I was a fan of Inuyasha many years ago. Seeing her announced made me nostalgic, I need to see how Inuyasha ends. The original anime series ended in a very unsatisfactory way.

I actually wanted to buy Euphemia, I wanted her but I needed to save money and made sure I didn’t let myself order her. But I recently got a little more money and went to see if she was still in stock. But alas, she was out of stock! I was too late! Now I still DEFINITELY want Euphemia, but there was another work of art that I wanted but hadn’t even dared playing with the idea of owning. But, I pre-ordered her! This fabulous Urd! I’ve always admired the illustration that this figure is based off of and wanted a figure of it. And now that dream will be realized :) I love my Raqel so much that I knew I had to get more of these figures. Although I can’t buy them too often, even if the better quality PVC figures cost around what these beauties do, it’s easy to let these pre-orders add up too quickly.

I completed my grail list a while ago when I got my Alter Revy, BUT I still have a wishlisht. Now my wishlist have figures I would LIKE to have but I’m not feverish for. I don’t want to drop more then about the original retail value for them. WELL I’ve had my eye on the first version of Alter Kos-Mos for a while now, I did a few searches of eBay a while back and didn’t see her at prices I agreed with. AND THEN when Alter announced a re-release of their 2nd version of her, I have made myself very content with that figure instead :) But recently I thought of her, and casually glanced at her price on eBay. I managed to get her for $58 in Brand New unopened condition! I definitely don’t think that was a bad deal! I think the 2nd  version is superior, but there is something about the pose of this first version that always captured my eye.